Steve Sailer Not Impressed by UVA Gang Rape Report

Steve Sailer has been on the story of the now retracted Rolling Stone gang rape article from very early on. He was one of the first to comment on the Richard Bradley blog post that got the skeptical ball rolling. It is probably fair to say that Sailer was one of the principle popularizers of the story, although the MSM will likely never admit that.

Sailer does not appear to be impressed by the Columbia School of Journalism review and the coverage of it. I have yet to read the review, but I plan to when I have some time.

See here, here and here.

Apparently, Sabrina Rubin Erdely receives some pretty harsh criticism as does Rolling Stone in the report, but per Rolling Stone she will continue to write for them. See first link. Jann Wenner, the editor and publisher of RS and/or Will Dana, the managing editor, must have a crush on SRE. What else explains them keeping her around?

It’s too bad that the report appears to focus primarily on technical failures rather than motives and the climate of PC Social Justice Warrioring that permeates so much of the mainstream (aka liberal) media these days. Erdely clearly had a narrative she wanted to reinforce with her story so she embraced Jackie’s tall tale enthusiastically and didn’t let facts or standard journalistic practices get in the way. This pattern is clearly evident in some of her other stories that have been called into question. An investigative journalist who wants to make a mark should review SRE’s whole portfolio. As I suggested before, if I was a money bags editor, I would commission Steven Glass to write that article if he was willing. Who better to recognize story telling when he sees it.

1 thought on “Steve Sailer Not Impressed by UVA Gang Rape Report

  1. roho

    In a world gone mad, I have little attention for “Glass Ass Jackie” and another attempt to play the system for false rape charges? (She should be convicted and RS should pay dearly!)

    It almost makes you wish that the Shia Extremist would take over the world and put women back in their place???????????……………..Oh No!…. Did I say that?……Ha-Ha!

    I hope the Fraternity sues to the point that they all eat lobster on Friday Nights, Have Hookers begging for Saturday Night visitation, and the school gives them all 50 yard tickets for all Football Games!

    Marxist Academia should learn by their failed assumptions………:)



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