Pat Buchanan Schools Sean Hannity on Iran

Watch the video linked here. It also has a transcript.

PAT BUCHANAN: Listen to the American head of intelligence. He says Iran does not have a bomb program as of 2013. Secondly if they start building a bomb, we will know it. Third, Iran has made some concessions there are not enough that makes them less able to go –

SEAN HANNITY: Go back to 2012 when we found out they were far more advanced in the nuclear production and program than we ever thought was possible. That’s what Obama’s own government said.

PAT BUCHANAN: You’re friend Bibi’s been talking about Iran getting a bomb since 1992. In 2006 he said they’ll be building 25 bombs by the end of the decade. Are they? No.

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4 thoughts on “Pat Buchanan Schools Sean Hannity on Iran

  1. roho

    Sean is not only an Israeli Firster, a lousy interviewer, but also an IDIOT!!!…………On the subject of geopolitics, he couldn’t qualify to tote PJB’s briefcase. Both himself and O’reily are nothing more than neocon mouthpieces. (Even the head of Israeli Inteligence stated before Bibi’s reelection that Iran was nowhere close to having a bomb.)…………But, some idiots believe Bibi?

    I can’t watch FOX anymore than the Marxist Liberal Networks…..I did several years ago until I realized that the MSM in the USA is as bad as Tass was during the cold war. This Internet can’t last forever. Too many US citizens are now laughing at our so called “Free Press”. I suspect that we never had a true free press, but the web simply exposed what was already in place?

    Herman Ghoring got it right when he said, “It’s easy for national leaders to carry the citizen to war. “Simply tell them that they are in danger, and that the doves are delusional and putting them in even more danger.”……………………….The Nurenburg Trials were the greatest injustice of the 20th century.


  2. roho

    The “Bibi Party” can’t stand it!……….Zionism is all about FEAR. (Move to Israel or you will die!!!!)

    I can’t stand Obama, hate his domestic policies including immigration, but instead of “Obamacare being his legassy, like Camp David for Jimmy Carter, his Iranian Nuke treaty may actually be his legasy? (Sorry bout the bad spelling.)……..This infuriates NEOCONS who wish to bomb everyone until Israel achieves the “GREATER ISRAEL” status, and regional power. People like SEAN and FOX News are on the “BIBI PAYROLL” to reinforce Israel Policy instead of United States Of America Policy. (If I saw him on the street, I would kick his ass until his nose bled!!!)…………………Just as Miami is LOWER NEW YORK, New York is WESTERN ISRAEL!…………..Americans no longer need to die for Israeli Ambitions!

    “Nuclear Deal With Iran ‘Reached On All Key Aspects’-Lavrov


  3. Richard Channing

    Sean Hannity is certainly mentally challenged. He is one of the dimmer bulbs on Fox, and that’s saying something.



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