Hold Open The Gates!!

In last week’s Amconmag article “The Neoconservative Cursus Honorum, Phillip Giraldi reverse-engineers the system that the neoconservatives used to subvert the Right:

“If one looks at the careers of 30 well-known neoconservatives, one notes that there are a number of stops that pop up on many of the resumes, a progression that might well be described as something like a cursus honorum whereby the neoconservative aspirant is afforded status and credibility before stepping out onto the national or international stage.”

More specifically:

“…starting out in elite academia and then bouncing from position to position inside and outside the government, aided at every step by others in the movement. The neoconservatives benefit particularly from their ownership of a number of foundations and institutes, the aforementioned alphabet soup, that provide resting places between university and government positions, complete with salaries and important-sounding titles. Many also are provided with lucrative opportunities in the private sector that free them to subsequently concentrate on the true task at hand, which is shaping U.S. foreign policy.”

In a fascinating juxtaposition, Jim Antle last week wrote about the declining power of the few remaining foreign policy realists in his Amconmag blogpost “Is James Baker Too Realist for the Republican Party?”:

“The GOP’s most hawkish national-security hands want to maintain a monopoly on foreign-policy advice for Republican presidents and other elected officials. As the James Bakers age out of government service, they don’t want any younger realists trying to replace him in the GOP.”

Meanwhile, we Paleoconservatives have been almost completely exiled from all spheres of political power. Now that the same is happening to those in the “realist” camp, the neoconservatives have nearly completed their chain of impregnable ziggurats from which they can hatch their plots in safety and comfort.

A major theme expressed here in the Conservative Heritage Times has been the necessity of building a Paleoconservative “bench team”, and several posts have decried the lack of Paleoconservatives with “plausible resumes” who can lead our movement.

I have been back and forth on Rand Paul, but this is the pro-Rand line of reasoning I find most compelling. His victory, or even a strong showing, holds back the day we are irrevocably exiled from all power. Again, Jim Antle:

“The bigger the Paul vote is, the more likely a Republican candidate not named Paul will covet it. This is especially true since there was a large presidential vote for the Libertarian Party in 2012. There are a few GOP candidates whose foreign-policy views are largely unformed, with Scott Walker and John Kasich being two of the best examples. Mitt Romney is a known panderer not bound by past positions who got along well socially with Ron Paul.

It’s also necessary to diversify the set of foreign-policy advisers available to future Republican presidents. Even if a Walker or Kasich gets elected, the qualified professionals they’ll have to choose from when gaining national-security counsel will be almost uniformly hawkish. A Rand campaign can bring more realists and libertarians into party circles.”

In fact, one realistic and attainable goal is the possibility I heard the other day…. a strong Rand Paul showing, coupled with an early primary exit, sets the stage for a Walker/Paul ticket.

If that could mean the gates are held open for a few of our favorite Paleoconservatives to get White House experience- quietly building a bench team, building plausible resumes- then it is well worth pursuing.

12 thoughts on “Hold Open The Gates!!

  1. roho

    What a great article!!!!

    It is time that True Conservatives show the ignorant US voter that Neoconism is not even CONSERVATISM, but a form of Khazar Jewish Imperialism, that has hijacked American Conservatism. Since the “Great Actor” Ronald Reagan convinced ignorant Americans that intervention was a conservative principle, we have worshiped him as bad as the liberals have LIncoln!……….AEI, FDD, PNAC, JINSA, CLI, etc, etc, are not conservative organizations, but “ISRAELI FIRST” organizations. Robert Kagan’s wife Vickie Nuland did not hand out cookies in the middle of the “Maiden Revolution” in KIEV Ukraine because of her noninterventionist conservative principles? (She hates Russian Orthodox Christianity.) How dare those Russians eventually purge Jewish Bolsheviks!

    “From What Rock Did The Neocons Emerge?”

    Neocons are LIBERALS with a PRO ISRAEL PRIORITY!………Nothing more.


  2. roho

    Hopefully, Robert Menendez will ROT IN PRISON as all congressmen should for being, for being loyal to their checkbooks instead of their constituants!……..Be they GOP or DEMS, any Congressman that reps Israel more than the USA should be “Bitch Property” in some US Prison till death!


  3. redphillips

    Another take home point is that noninterventionists need to build their own system of institutes and official organs. The problem is that takes money, and there just isn’t the same kind of paleo money out there that there is neocon money.


  4. Bjorn

    Allow me to raise a counter-point. It isn’t obvious to me how much power and influence a Vice President can expect to exert. Dan Quayle was the VP choice designed to calm the frustrations of the hard pro-life crowd, who didn’t trust the pro-choice leaning George HW Bush. How much power and influence is Quayle said to have had?


  5. redphillips

    While all the candidates except Paul have very similar foreign policy rhetoric, I do think you can make some judgement based on temperament and style as to which ones may be less likely to actually plunge us into a war. By that measure, Walker is probably one of the better of a sorry lot.


  6. Joel P.

    Sorry, but as important an issue as foreign policy is it pales in comparison to the demographic catastrophe, which is already well under way and will only get worse barring something miraculous. With that said, I will not even think about voting for anyone who isn’t rock-solid on immigration/amnesty. Neither Paul nor Walker (from what I know about him) fit the bill.

    A broken, collapse economy can be recovered from. A disastrous foreign policy can be changed — and rather quickly as well, if the American people ever come to their senses. But once the demographics hit that tipping point, it will be near to impossible to reverse the damage.


    1. weavercht

      Joel, aren’t we already well beyond the tipping point?

      That’s why I keep promoting Ron Unz’s minimum wage proposal elsewhere: It’s a terribly inefficient proposal that would actually work to keep immigrants out. It’s damage control, and it gives greedy voters something they want.

      We also need to split up the Rainbow Coalition. There is no reason whites vs. everyone else need continue. I get that much of it is wealth redistribution, but if we can get Democrats to oppose wars maybe we could reach a better situation.

      The Democratic strategy seems to be to expand the wealth gap. That’s partly why they flood immigrants in and why Obama is pushing the TPP. Create a disaster –> offer solution. Partly also it’s profitable and serves globalist ideology.

      I continue to see more potential with the Democrats. They could oppose trade, push minimum wage, end war. We just need to fan the populist flames there.

      And of course the minimum wage would need to correspond with a tax cut, else it would force jobs overseas. But it could work.

      We might also benefit from a plain economic crash. Conservatives always tiptoe around this, because no man of the people could request a crash. The powers-that-be would already be positioned to manipulate a crash, but perhaps that wouldn’t go as planned.

      Otherwise, what other options are there? Flee to Alaska/Canada and raise families in igloos? We seem headed towards either South Africa or Brazil.


      1. Joel P.

        “Joel, aren’t we already well beyond the tipping point?”

        I think it depends upon what we’re talking about. I think the Republic of the United States of America is dead, has been dead for a long time and is not ever coming back. I think balkanization is our future no matter what we do at this point. In that sense, yes, we are well past the tipping point.

        However, whites still remain a majority and that majority can still be protected for quite some time. The 2042 date of white minority is not set in stone. Am I optimistic? No, not exactly. Like I said, we need a miracle, perhaps a significant event or a quick succession of events to wake white America up from its slumber and reclaim some of its racial consciousness. In the meantime, until (if) this happens it’s imperative that we work to lessen immigration into the country and prevent Democrats and open borders Republicans from forcing amnesty upon us.

        I have many misgivings about Rand Paul, but if I thought he could be trusted on immigration/amnesty, I’d support him. But he can’t be trusted and so I will not support him.

        “We also need to split up the Rainbow Coalition. There is no reason whites vs. everyone else need continue.”

        I’ve always thought it was in the best interests of blacks for them to side politically with whites against Mestizos on the issue of immigration. In the short-term at the very least, I think blacks have more to lose from Mestizo mass immigration than even whites do. Asians too should be a natural ally on this score.

        I think this is a very good goal, but I’m not sure as to how we convince these groups to give up their Democratic, anti-white partisanship and side with us out of common interest. Certainly, limp-wristed pandering isn’t going to work, as the self-loathing fecklessness of the Republican party has proven time and time again.


      2. weavercht

        Joel, I appreciate the reply and like your retainment of hope. Immigration aside, there’s always a “have white babies” campaign, I suppose.


  7. roho

    1. Completely outlaw and enforce duel citizenship. (And no you can’t take your money with you!).
    2. Enforce existing immigration laws with the DOD. (Only Mexico has invaded The USA.)
    3. Force Congress to only declare war, with a defined goal of finality.
    4. Return to the tariff laws that encourage home grown businesses.
    5. Term limitations for all of congress as well as the SCOTUS.
    6. Campaign money caps with zero donations from abroad. (Including Foundations.)
    7. Destroy the FED leaving congress to print money as intended.
    8. Place limits on Executive Orders.
    9. Trim the power on the EPA until the G-20 has the same laws.
    0. Outlaw “Suspended With Pay” rulings for Government workers. (We once called that vacation!)

    That’s a start………………….Wake up not to a New America, but the Original America.



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