Et Tu, Asa Hutchinson?

Asa Hutchinson, the Governor of Wal-Mart Arkansas has ceded to the demands of his masters and refused to sign the religious freedom bill, aka common sense, that his state legislature just passed. Keep in mind that Asa Hutchinson is a Bob Jones University grad! BJU should make that little weasel persona no grata on campus.

5 thoughts on “Et Tu, Asa Hutchinson?

  1. roho

    All Big Box stores are a bastion of Homosexual Marxist Communism…….As a 7 year vender to HD, I noticed how often white male, Christians, were passed over in promotions by and for the gay side of the company. In San Francisco, HD employees are actually encouraged to wear their orange apron while marching in gay rights parades. (Being a black gay is like an elevator for advancement.)

    They too, should be named “The Chinese Import Store.”

    Maybe Rush is on to something? He suggested that 4 months after “Dirty Harry’s” fall on an exercise machine looks more like a MOB BEATING in Vegas?…………He then announced his coming retirement?………………….Perhaps the crime bosses of America can fix a few things?


    1. weavercht


      get that through libertarians’ heads: big box stores are not on “our” side. Steve Sailer wrote years ago how employees of big business and big government tend to be liberal.

      It’s small business owners who tend to be conservative, independent.

      What the solution is to politics, no one knows. But Libertarians who praise big box are mistaken.


  2. roho

    Weaver…………………..I was entering stores one week and noticed these huge displays for “Martha Stewart”????????…………….What?………..Like Wall-Mart, Home Depot eats your lunch before they allow your product in the store. (Like forcing Cub Cadet & John Deere to compete with both products.)…….I laughed and said, “She’s an x-convict!!!!”……..Employees rolled their eyes and looked dumbfounded?…..The hoops a corporation has to jump through, yet an X-Convict has a huge display up front?

    The Answer: Big box stores have the highest foot traffic, equating to the most exposure. If US CONSUMERS reduced foot traffic, Big Box stores would lose their power. “Joe Bob’s” small engine shop has nowhere close to the foot traffic.



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