Great Article on the Yemen Mess

Justin Raimondo is very useful when it comes to sorting out the history behind these conflicts. His insights on Libya and Ukraine were very helpful. Read this one on the Yemen mess. It seems to me that part of the solution to the Middle East mess is microstates, instead of all these countries that aren’t really countries.


6 thoughts on “Great Article on the Yemen Mess

  1. weavercht

    I wish you or Raimondo were in charge of US foreign policy. If the US must play God, it should work towards peace not endless war: Help break up states where need be. I assume they’d still fight over scarce resources, but they fight within larger states likely more than they would within smaller. And smaller polities would simplify the conflicts.


  2. roho

    No secret outside the world of MSM, the “Greater Israel”, “Oded Yinon Plan” has been in the works for decades. Things look somewhat haphazard when presented to the British and American citizenry, but all is progressing nicely. There will never be an Israel/Palestine two state end result, but a two-three state plan is planned for everyone else, making Israel a Regional Super Power.[sic]……………All else is theatre for the masses.

    “Greater Israel” The Zionist Plan For The Middle East.

    Muslims kill Muslims, Muslims kill Christians, Christians kill Muslims, and Jews watch.

    Eventually, Russian Christians and American Christians kill each other like WWII.


    1. weavercht

      Some were shocked by the open rejection of a two state solution.

      Apparently many Israel supporters in the US are unaware of the settlements, unaware of the violence that preceded Israel’s founding.

      The game seems to be to pretend Israel is on the defensive while expanding as aggressively as possible in the background.

      Eventually I imagine Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, other surrounding territory, are intended for absorption.

      These wars crush Muslim state power, but they also radicalise the Muslims. I don’t know that it will end well for Israel.

      I just wish Americans were smart enough to not fight someone else’s wars.


  3. roho

    It’s sad to see an obvious truth that all the world see’s except Americans?………..It really proves how easy a foreign entity can control a Democracy by simply controlling the news outlets, banking, academia, and the cinema.

    Like the “Santa Clause” myth, if enough participate, the lie becomes endless truth. 😦


  4. redphillips Post author

    The two state solution has long been the official, more or less, position of the US, but pro-Israel interventionist act like it is some sort of betrayal.


  5. RonL

    On the other hand, the central government allowed the US to operated against Al Qaeda. With Iran’s proxy taking over most of Yemen, Al Qaeda is unhindered, at least for now. Moreover, Iran takes control of the entrance to the Red Sea in an attempt to control all of Arabia. That is not in America’s interest, even if you only care about cheap oil and disregard Iran’s hatred of America and development of nuclear weapons and missiles.



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