More Anti-Rand Fallout on Iran

Here is Paul Mulshine, a columnist for the NJ Star Ledger and a big supporter of Ron Paul, on Rand’s perfidy.

Notice how he refers to the neocons and other interventionists as liberals. I have thought about doing this as a way to tweak them, but I suspect it probably confuses a lot of people. That is why I usually refer to them as “conservative” interventionists, with quotes around the conservative.

He links to a Washington Post piece by Joshua Muravchik that argues war with Iran is probably our best option. That is just insane. Mulshine then cites Muravchik’s Wiki bio that outlines his radical leftist background.

1 thought on “More Anti-Rand Fallout on Iran

  1. roho

    As a baby boomer, I grew up with MAD…….It worked my entire life and it should work in the ME?…..I DON’T care if the Iranians have nukes. The Hindus of India have Nukes, the Pakistanian Muslem have Nukes, every US Base in Europe and Korea have Nukes under the guise of “US CONTROL”?……………Most likely, multiple nations not known have bought NUKES?

    NUKES for everyone!………….Israel has 300 nukes and refuse inspection by the nuke inspectors. Nothing prohibits war quite like knowing that your apponent has NUKES!

    Maybe EVERYBODY needs NUKES?………….Nukes are almost like peacemakers?

    Can’t wait till NEGROES have NUKES in Africa?



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