@SenRandPaul Has Gone Completely Nuts

Here are two tweets from his former supporter Justin Raimondo.

They are in reference to this atrocity, a Facebook post by Rand Paul. The post says this:

Hillary Clinton simply does not recognize the threat that the world faces from a nuclear Iran. Play our “Who Said It?” game and see if you can tell the difference between statements from Hillary Clinton and an Ayatollah spokesman. PLAY NOW: https://secure.pagemodo.com/m/ZAZSK3

Are you kidding me? If you think Hilliary is not enough of a warmonger, you have definitely gone to the darkside.

The post has a lot of likes, but he is getting eviscerated in the comments.

2 thoughts on “@SenRandPaul Has Gone Completely Nuts

  1. hawthornecht

    Raimondo doth protest too much. Rand has truly been out maneuvered on this issue as far as his gonzo play both sides act goes, but he has time to fix it–all we really want is an entertaining primary season right? Just speaking locally, but some of the “I can’t believe” crap nationally is a joke. Most people get that his mild resistance to the Israeli and Pharma powers–the backbone of the GOP–is about as good as it gets if you want to play GOP politics.

    The question we have to ask ourselves is whether Rand taking out Scott Walker or a Cruz, and giving the nomination to Jeb is what we want in a worse the better scenario–let alone the opportunity for a self-funded Third Party option he could create.



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