Andrew Bacevich on Foolish Intellectuals

This is a great article.

Policy intellectuals—eggheads presuming to instruct the mere mortals who actually run for office—are a blight on the republic. Like some invasive species, they infest present-day Washington, where their presence strangles common sense and has brought to the verge of extinction the simple ability to perceive reality. A benign appearance—well-dressed types testifying before Congress, pontificating in print and on TV, or even filling key positions in the executive branch—belies a malign impact. They are like Asian carp let loose in the Great Lakes.

Ouch! Read the whole thing here.

1 thought on “Andrew Bacevich on Foolish Intellectuals

  1. roho

    A decent article, but all icing and no cake………Think tanks always work for Wall Street/Aipac and not the US Citizen. Yale has always cranked out “Little No Combat Warriors” for the Military Industrial Complex.

    George Bush cut through the BS in his interview when he said, “Sometimes Profit Trumps Peace”.



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