Facebook Rabble Rousing re. Iran

This is something I posted on Facebook following Netanyahu’s speech. So far it has generated a lot of likes and a lot of mostly positive comments.

Last time I checked, the U.S. was made up of 50 states of which Iran is not one. So please explain to me again why what kind of energy and/or weapons Iran, a sovereign nation, has is under the purview of the U.S.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Rabble Rousing re. Iran

  1. roho

    But of course Israel is not only our 51st State, but our Capital. “Bibi”, the real President showed up and the groveling was off the charts. I think that I witnessed one of the saddest moments in Western Civilization. But, they have made no secrets about how they own our Congress? (Bribes, Blackmail, and Corruption goes a long way.) Within 30 minutes after their standing ovations, AIPAC had given each one of them a score on their enthusiasm and applause quality.

    Not familiar with the site that wrote the original story, but found it very interesting.

    “America’s Full – Spectrum Failure”

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