Facebook Rabble Rousing re. Iran Part II

This is something else I posted following Netanyahu’s speech. It too has generated a lot of likes and positive comments.

So let me make sure I have this straight. Obama is an un-American traitor because he bowed to the Saudi King but was not obsequiously deferential to the Prime Minister of Israel? Got it. (This is not an apology for Obama. This is pointing out the absurdity of interventionist “conservatives,” most of whom fancy themselves red-blooded Americans, casting all their usual red-blooded Americaness aside and acting like a bunch of pathetic fan boys when it comes to the leader of a small foreign country.)

1 thought on “Facebook Rabble Rousing re. Iran Part II

  1. RonL

    No. Obama is a traitor because he is protecting the nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs of a nation, whose theocratic leadership has proclaimed our destruction.



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