Latest Foreign News

Largest US funded/trained Syrian group officially disbands by Kyle Rogers

What we see happening is the Free Syrian Army [FSA] network is a conveyor belt into more hardline groups. The US gives new FSA fighters money, supplies, training camps in Jordan and Qatar, guns, and missiles. Within months, many of the these new fighters a part of the Islamic Front, al-Nusra, or even ISIS.

ISIS also boast that FSA fighters routinely sell their American hardware to more hardline groups. ISIS jokingly calls the FSA “the arms dealers” in their literature.

Presently Obama is preparing to arm and train thousands of new FSA fighters. He says that these fighters will be given radios to call in airstrikes. The will continue the Obama/Neo-Con “moderate rebel” to hardline Jihadist conveyor belt for another year.

Who Killed Boris Nemtsov? by Justin Raimondo

The fact of the matter is that Russia today, for all its faults, has never been freer: it has gone from the era of the gulag, when millions were murdered by the Soviets and many more imprisoned, to a country that is at least half-free, with elections as open as Chicago’s and a “mainstream” media which, if it’s controlled by pro-government oligarchs, is no more monochromatic ideologically than our own.

Saudi Arabia awards prize to pro-slavery advocate. (Daily Kenn)

Naik is not only known for endorsing slavery, but for stating the Quran allows men “to have sex with their wives and what their right hand possesses, which means their slaves.”

The winner said he would donate the $200,000 award to his television channel, Assalam (Peace Channel).

Pat Buchanan speaks:

As the Shiites are already engaged against ISIS, we should inform our Sunni friends – the Turks, Egyptians, Saudis, Gulf Arabs: As you are the most threatened here, you are the first responders to this blaze.

We will have your back, but we will not fight your war for you.

David Cameron wants an Asian prime minister (Source.)

Norway Deports Illegals, perhaps motivated in part by low oil prices (Norway’s economy relies on oil)? Unfortunately, only 86.2% of Norwegians have at least one Norwegian born parent; Norway is already very multi-ethnic.

3 thoughts on “Latest Foreign News

  1. roho

    “Norway Deports Illegals”:

    Weaver……..I’ve been lazy regarding the new attitude that the Scandinavion Block countries are taking towards immigration. All seem to see the connection between rapes and other violent crimes from their past immigration policy. And seem to be taking a more aggressive approach to deportation? I’m curious? (Where do they stand regarding “Duel Citizenship”?)…………..America seems to be drowning in duel citizenship…..Are they as well?


  2. roho

    “Who Killed Boris Nemtsov”?

    I read an interesting story out of Eastern Europe by a Government Hit Man, that said there was no way this hit was done by any Pros?…………He claimed sloppiness proved that it was an NGO hit at best. Crime scene photos also indicated that it may be a False Flag hit, as Nemtsov had never been so fat?…………….Russia has the corpse and obviously would prove it not to be Nemtsov, were it not him………………Therefore, maybe he had outgrown his usefulness as an older, drinking, opposition leader, and his handlers had decided that he was worth more assassinated than alive politically? (Who walks the streets of Moscow that time of the morning sober?)……………..Call a cab dumb ass!



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