Iraq: Assyrian Artifacts Destroyed

News Link: IS Destroys Ancient Artifacts (Daily Mail).

The destabilisation of Iraq and mass immigration into Europe have created a sort of Bolshevik Muslim who has no home, no ethnicity, only Islam. Such is the essence of Islamic State. Many of its fighters are foreign, not Arab, and the same cosmopolitan, anti-heritage tendency can be expected from other Muslims in Western lands. As diversity grows, it might be that European artifacts and books should be stored in Iceland, Finland, or Japan, three of the last non-cosmopolitan global holdouts.

The US has spent $2 trillion destabilising Iraq, and the mess only grows worse. Millions of Muslims have been imported into Europe and her colonies, and ancient Muslim and Christian communities have been eradicated in Iraq’s chaos.

Bush and Obama, together, have ruined Iraq and with it some of the oldest relics. Iraq, under secular Saddam Hussein, would never have allowed the destruction of its museums. The ancient Marsh Arabs were victims of Hussein, but order was at least preserved, most heritage preserved. We saw similar destruction and looting in Egypt when the US helped remove Mohamed Morsi and in Iraq after Hussein’s removal. Libya, another American victim, has also been destabilised after Gaddafi’s removal.

This is just too horrific for words; Cosmopolitanism is an evil thing. Perhaps more important than opposing immigration is stopping US foreign involvement. Israel and Middle East Sunnis want similar attacks on Iran and whatever remains of Assad’s Syria. I would wish the destruction of whatever is sacred to these war-mongering brutes, but I expect they’re no different from Russian Bolsheviks who valued nothing, hate all heritage as false idols that obstruct “reason” or abstract faith.

There is little difference between an Islamic Bolshevik and a secular humanist Bolshevik. They both wish the destruction of tradition, heritage, identity. The only means of resisting is to keep out immigrants, oppose miscegenation, preserve identity. A Traditionalist, be he Muslim or Christian, can in theory balance a respect for tradition with his faith. A cosmopolitan, however, lives in the abstract and is thus unstable, dangerous.

It’s fitting that Nick Griffin, a nationalist, helped avoid war in Syria, for a time, until Obama’s aid to Syrian rebels resulted in ISIS. Nick Griffin can currently be found here (Facebook).

6 thoughts on “Iraq: Assyrian Artifacts Destroyed

  1. redphillips

    This stuff. The burnings. The beheadings. My conclusion is that ISIS is deliberately attempting to provoke America into re-engaging. They know it is not in our long term interests. Why don’t we.


    1. weavercht Post author

      It might be they see these as false idols. Islamic State seems to want a caliphate, declaring all nationalism and ideology to be false idols. And of course, past civilisations venerated other deities.

      The abstract Islamic State appears similar to abstract secular humanism in many ways: Destroy false idols/irrational ties to make way for pure faith/pure reason.

      Anyway, they likely do want to draw the US in as well as you say.


  2. roho

    I realize that ISIS is a CIA operation, designed to control terror, bring M.E. Nations to the negotiating table with the World Bank, IMF, Bank of England, and IMF. (It was in the cards when the Iraqi leadership said “GO HOME USA!”)………..It’s all “Kabukie Theatre” like 911, but Wall Street no longer cares if the common man realizes what is going on?……..Our Satelitte Vision was good enough to read car tags twenty years ago at a Russian Silo base, yet today we never noticed 200 new Toyota Trucks leaving Syria on the desert road to Iraq?……….LOL!!! 😉 LOL!!

    I’m sorry…..I had to quit laughing………..First they kill reporters. Then they execute Kurds and old women. Then they kill Christians?…..Then they kill and destroy world artifacts?………..Next, it will be puppies, kittens, and children!

    What does it take for a bunch of noninterventionist to fight for ISRAEL!!!…………..Yawn.

    Let the WEALTHY Oil Nations of the Middle East handle it?……….Or they can all end up like Libya?



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