I’m Gaining New Found Respect for Rudy Giuliani

I don’t have any use for Giuliani on foreign policy or social issues. I was furious with him when he grandstanded on the blowback issue against Ron Paul. This reply to his critics is fraught with problems as well, but at least he stood by and defended what he said and didn’t back down. Most Republicans quickly cower when faced with this kind of criticism from the MSM. He also was one of the few who got Ferguson right when he said Wilson’s case should have never even been brought to the grand jury in the first place, and he stood by that statement and other not so PC statements when the liberal media started to howl. Whatever you may think of Giuliani on the issues, at least we know he is a man with a pair of testicles, unlike most whimpering Republicans.

I think what Giuliani said initially about Obama not loving America was unwise because it gave the left-wing hysterics a rallying point, but there is some truth to the idea that liberals don’t actually love what America was and depending on how liberal still is. It just has to be said with some nuance. They love an imaginary idea of what they want America to be at some point in the future. Conservatives, on the other hand, love an America that was or depending on how conservative still is but is in danger of dying. Of course, Giuliani babbling about the left-wing American Exceptionalism myth doesn’t make that case, but the general Gestalt of was vs can be is still there.

3 thoughts on “I’m Gaining New Found Respect for Rudy Giuliani

  1. Augustinian

    Red, I partially agree. I have little use for Giuliani generally, but as you say, at least he seems to have some onions. He may be wrong about a lot of stuff, but he fairly nailed this one. One never knows from where one may get some allies.


  2. Joel P.

    Up until his Ferguson comments, I hadn’t heard anything about Rudy Giuliani for years. Why is he suddenly all over the place? The cynic in me thinks this is a publicity stunt aimed at ginning up excitement for a possible 2016 presidential run.


  3. roho

    I have no respect for “Rudy Boy” but wish to testify that most of the world has NO RESPECT for the MSM!………A great article regarding the fact that GERMANS are in a 63% DENIAL position on the classic BS position on WORLD EVENTS reported by the MSM?

    “RUSSIA INSIDER” is considered more accurate than the WESTERN BS MEDIA!…..Sucks but it’s true.


    Maybe it will post?????…………………..Most likely not?



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