Hollywood Anti-Christian Haters Take Their Shot at Outspoken Christian Kirk Cameron

Hollywood has bestowed on Kirk Cameron several Razzies. I didn’t see “Saving Christmas,” but I have no doubt that these awards were given to Cameron not because of his poor film making or acting but because of his Faith.

9 thoughts on “Hollywood Anti-Christian Haters Take Their Shot at Outspoken Christian Kirk Cameron

  1. adamlaredo

    Of course you didn’t see it. And of course you believe. Kirk Cameron has always been a joke. Because that’s what he is. And you make a joke out of yourself just by writing what you wrote. You make a mockery of those who believe and use their brains. Maybe you should keep your ignorant, arrogant opinions to yourself, and do as Jesus instructed: Love thy neighbor. (P.S. That includes reviewers who called Kirk’s “Christmas” a steaming turd.)


  2. redphillips Post author

    “Maybe you should keep your ignorant, arrogant opinions to yourself…”

    First of all Adam Laredo, as far as ignorant goes, I’ll stack my understanding of the Christian Faith against yours any day of the week. As for arrogant, I made a simple assertion. You responded with an angry rant, so perhaps I’m not the one who is arrogant.

    There are many movies made every year that are crappy. It is not a reach to believe that this perhaps crappy movie was singled out because the Christ-haters who vote on these things don’t like Kirk since he is an outspoken Christian and wanted to take a shot at him.

    Perhaps instead of calling me names and ranting you could actually make a point. Kirk is a joke you say? Why? His acting? His theology? I’m not entirely on board with all of Kirk Cameron’s theology, but he stands up for what he believes and doesn’t back down in the face of criticism which is more than can be said for many modern Christians.


  3. Thaddeus

    “Maybe you should keep your ignorant, arrogant opinions to yourself, and do as Jesus instructed: Love thy neighbor.”

    The lack of self-awareness in Adam’s statement is so complete as to be self-parodic.


  4. redphillips Post author

    I went to Adam Laredo’s blog and left a comment challenging him to come back and fight like a man. So far … nothing.


  5. Jason P. Brennar

    I think Adam may have been trying to articulate the point that, despite whatever Cameron’s personal politics may be, he’s not a particularly good actor. Lots of actors get Razzies. Every year it happens. Claiming it’s because he’s a Christian may well be a valid idea, but you offer nothing to support it when you post a single statement. Proposing that it was simply based upon his faith is something I hear a lot from my Evangelical friends, in many different contexts. It seems to be part of the culture and the way of thinking comes from the top down, disseminated by folks like Franklin Graham. This leads to a lot of parroting and unsupported one line statements like “Hollywood doesn’t like Kirk because he loves Jesus” or “the Muslims hate us because of our religion and our freedom.” The truth is generally complicated and, while both of those statements are likely true in some way, reducing them to “us vs. them” terms creates divisiveness in our overall national culture. That sort of rhetoric, as harmless as it may seen, is the kind of thing that is absorbed by younger generations and added to until it morphs into sectarian violence, something American Christianity has yet to get a dose of.

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  6. roho

    I struggle to post stuff from Youtube, but I will try again.

    “Hollywoodism: The Ideology That Has Devoured Western Culture”.


    It’s good in spite of youtube’s attempt to make it difficult to access?


  7. redphillips Post author

    Cameron may not be “a particularly good actor,” but Hollywood is filled with not particularly good actors. Why was he singled out among all the not particularly good actors? Was that an honest assessment that he was the least of the not particularly good? I find that very hard to believe. Was Cameron Diaz really the worst female actress or is she just someone that the folks who determine the Razzies like to pick on? Or was Michael Bay really the worst director? The Transformer series is not my thing, but it is what it is and was entirely adequate as that. Was a Razzie for Michael Bay really an objective determination of who was the worst director, or was it more of a statement about the type of movie it was which Razzie voters object to?


  8. adamlaredo

    A few things …

    First of all, I just realized that instead of actually replying to my comment, you went to some completely unrelated post of mine and tagged a response on there. I only found it because I was proofreading some old posts and ran across it. Do you not realize how this blog comment thing works? That’s the reason it took me so long to respond; I had no idea there was anything to respond to. So if you think you terrified me in some way, well, ha, man, you’re about as intimidating as cold soup.

    Secondly, I apologize for the tone of my original post. I was in a rotten mood, and I was looking for something to take my mind of stuff for awhile, when I ran across your poorly thought out, completely unsourced post above which could have been summed up in a tweet (“Hollywood hates @kirkcameron and all Christians.” See?). It rankled me. I should have clicked past it, and I didn’t. I admit to being the lesser man because of it. Clearly, if my response here and all the responses above prove anything, you’ve received too much attention for this already. For that, I am also sorry.

    Thirdly, thanks to the commenter above who noted my wrath against the Kirkster was primarily directed as his lack of acting skills. He’s a guy whose gotten by on a wink and a smile his whole career. You’re right in saying he’s not the only one in Hollywood to do just that. He just happens to publicly act all high and mighty about it. You don’t see Nic Cage, Steven Seagal, etc., blame their ten-foot-tall stack of bad reviews on whatever their faith may be. They just keep cranking out the product and collecting checks, much like KC.

    Fourthly, as to the commenter who acted as if I was being two-faced about my “love thy neighbor” comment, your attempt at a comeback only applies if I’m a Christian. Which I’m not. I’m a firm agnostic, and have been for years. It is not for me to follow the words of Christ, because, while he seems like a nice guy and all, the son of God he ain’t. I was just pointing out the simplest theology you’re going to find in the Bible – and, at least according to Jesus himself, the only commandment that matters – is too frequently ignored by those who claim to be the followers of its word.

    Fifthly and lastly, like the prophet Osiris said, “Shimmy shimmy ya’ll, shimmy yam, shimmy yay.” I’m out.


  9. redphillips Post author

    I didn’t comment on a random post. I commented on the post that was at the top at the time. And I didn’t reply to your comment there because it would have been off topic and thread hijacking. I simply linked back to here.

    That said, we actually seem to have pretty similar taste in movies. I thought Raid 2 was incredible.

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