Colorado Springs Bombing Suspect Says He Targeted Accountant, Not NAACP

Uh-oh. Despite all the gnashing of liberal teeth about the Colorado Sprints NAACP office being bombed, turns out the doofus who tried to set off a container of gasoline ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BUILDING was after his accountant, whom he blamed for his bankruptcy.

But lack of evidence didn’t stop the usual suspects from fanning the flames. The SPLC breathlessly reported “FBI agents and local law enforcement officials are seeking a middle-aged, balding white man this morning in connection with an explosion yesterday outside of the Colorado Springs chapter of the NAACP, the oldest civil rights organization in the country.”

A White man? Eeek! Of course it was a racist attack. It couldn’t be any clearer! And MSNBC did its best to spin this as a racial incident. A grim and disturbed Ed Schultz parroted the liberal line about how it JUST HAD TO BE an attack on the NAACP. He even brought in Mark Potok of the SPLC as a TOTALLY UNBIASED expert to back him up. Never mind that Potok is a yellow journalist rather than a law enforcement officer or terrorism expert. Potok told Ed Schultz it was no surprise the bombing occurred in Colorado Springs because even though Colorado’s cities are liberal, “Once you get out into the country, it is a very conservative state.” Yes, Mark, “mad bomber” is just a synonym for “conservative.”

And the SPLC says we’re biased!

We need a new movement to raise awareness. How about Accounting Lives Matter?

5 thoughts on “Colorado Springs Bombing Suspect Says He Targeted Accountant, Not NAACP

  1. roho

    America has no idea how many organizations like the SPLC in Montgomery Alabama are nothing more than rabbits on a green field?…………………..Ha-Ha!

    Timing is everything. 😉


  2. Mike Post author


    It kills me how the fawning press seeks the SPLC’s “wisdom” on any story related to the South, Civil Rights, immigration, or whatever, despite its obvious bias and lack of expert opinion. They’re professional fundraisers, with so much loot they had to store some of it in the Cayman Islands.



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