This Cold Snap Has Me Very Concerned

This severe cold weather really has me worried. I’m a afraid a bunch of Yankees are going to get sick of all the cold and snow and decide to move South. The last thing we need is a bunch of Yankee Blues coming down here and turning our Red States purple. So Northerners, just remember it’s REALLY HOT and HUMID down here in the Summer. There are a lot of gnats and mosquitoes. We talk funny. We have strange ways. I really don’t think you would like it down here at all, so I advise you sit out the cold weather and stay put. Come Summer, you won’t regret it.


9 thoughts on “This Cold Snap Has Me Very Concerned

      1. weavercht


        Most don’t know much about Graham. Voters are ill-informed. Many in SC assume he’s conservative. It doesn’t matter what he actually does provided he retains the image of conservatism to some extent.

        If a powerful few built a machine to oppose Graham, a machine behind a good candidate, it could win perhaps. It would need money though; it would need a lesser evil to support it. Do-gooder mass movements are just entertainment, nearly always ending in failure or with big money manipulating it.

        Graham has big money, and the average voter is a moron. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that Protestant America can’t resist big money. We lack the institutions and clannishness to resist. Even our churches are purchased, so what defenses have we?

        I don’t understand SC, but I do know we have a lot of transplants. However, our weakness seems to be structural and cultural rather than simply demographic.


  1. roho

    Too late Red……………….Orange Beach Alabama has been settled. And all you here in the Post Office or any other line is “This is not the way we did it back home.”


  2. Chris Hewlett

    I am a resident of South Carolina and remember the Republican primary last spring (2014). There were, I think, six challengers against Grahamnesty. I voted for one of them. After Graham won the primary I remember seeing one comment somewhere (admittedly only one) that went something like this “if the Republicans could get their act together and decide on one challenger then we could have a real campaign.” My interpretation of this was that voters were confused because of the number of challengers. This got me to thinking that the major problem with Republican voters – specifically in SC – is that they are just lazy. Also, people don’t seem to understand the primary election process. We really don’t want to be bothered with voting.


    1. weavercht

      I imagine a candidate with big money behind him could make himself known. Primaries tend to be heavily influenced by radicals, so a “moderate” like Graham should have trouble.

      We just need a candidate who’ll sell himself out a bit but to a lesser extent to Graham.

      There’s surely some money interest in SC that opposes Graham. He can’t be on everyone’s payroll at once surely.


    2. hawthornecht

      The Machine and Graham paid a bunch of people to run against him. When this happens in Maine, we actually have a discussion about it, very publicly. It’s called being involved in politics, not discussing who we might vote for, as if that matters.



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