Fifty Shades Over Performs at Box Office … More Proof America is Going to Hell!

Hey US flag wavers, here’s what your waving the flag for – abortion on demand, gay marriage, and a $94.4 opening for Fifty Shades of Grey. It opened huge despite the fact that it is getting hammered on IMDB. It’s got a 4.0 rating so far.

This doesn’t say much about the moral state of America. The only bright side is that feminists don’t like the movie, and it’s success actually confirms some manosphere beliefs. But it’s success is a net loser from a cultural standpoint.

6 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Over Performs at Box Office … More Proof America is Going to Hell!

  1. roho

    Anytime you have to promote a movie six months in advance, it sucks!

    See the story of “O” out of the seventies if you like this stuff?


  2. Joel P.

    “The only bright side is that the feminist don’t like the movie”

    Which is absolutely hilarious. The 50 Shades phenomenon is driven entirely by its female audience. It’s essentially pornography for women. Once again, feminism purports to know what is better for women than women themselves. And they wonder why most women these days don’t self-identify as a feminist.

    Of course I agree that this film (and the written material on which it’s based) is disgusting and that it’s popularity is a sure sign of the perverse times in which we live. But I just can’t get over how out-of-touch with reality the feminist movement is.


  3. roho

    Curiosity only lasts so long………………..Soon, word get’s out that it is bad, and sales fall off……I’m sure that Dakota Johnson paid her dues to the “gods of Hollywood”, but she will never sell this story. “Big Names” most likely were never considered from a profit perspective, and massive promotion became a necessity. The sequels will never be made. The Pornization of America insures that, like the Westerns of old, where Cowboys and Indians never gushed blood after being shot, it’s DOA.


    1. Richard Channing

      It had a record opening. Nearly $100 million in it’s opening weekend. The sequels and then some will be made. They will all be bad like the trash that is Twilight and The Hunger Games but they will be made.


  4. Thaddeus

    I really don’t see how this is a bad thing. It’s a wonderful thing (the success of the movie, I mean; it’s not a movie I ever plan to watch myself, unless they cut together a G-rated version with all the risque material removed, leaving just the Jane Eyre romance that it basically is, at heart).

    The fact that this movie is kryptonite to the feminists is enough to make it a cause worth celebrating. But beyond that, remember: this is a completely hetero relationship, not to mention a relationship between whites. It’s not a gay or trans or biracial or any other kind of degenerate pairing, of the sort that Hollywood usually insists on foisting down everyone’s collective throats.

    Plus, the gender roles are very traditional: powerful alpha man, vulnerable and less experienced woman (who dresses traditionally, at least initially in the trailer).

    This is a pretty solid rebuke to Cultural Marxism. It’s a massive slap in the face to Feminism Inc. and to all politically-correct moralists.



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