The SPLC Apologizes for Putting Ben Carson on their Extremist List

This is too sweet. The SPLC put Ben Carson on their “extremist list,” which is a complete joke, and the conservative internet exploded. Now, the SPLC has been forced to back down in what may be a first.

First of all, Ben Carson is so obviously not an extremist that it is clear to any objective person that the SPLC was really overreaching here. If Carson makes a competitive run for President, it will be because he has recently spent a lot of time and effort cleaning up some un-conservative things he has said in the past, like supporting gun control. Second of all, I think this indicates that people react most vehemently to SPLC smears when the person being smeared is broadly loved by the right and intensely loved by a certain segment. Unlike Pat Buchanan, for example, who has a core that loves him but also many that don’t. I wish the right would rally around other people smeared by the SPLC and not just the innocuous ones like Ben Carson.

3 thoughts on “The SPLC Apologizes for Putting Ben Carson on their Extremist List

  1. redphillips

    It is highly unlikely that he will win the nomination, but he is not trivial and it doesn’t help the cause of folks on the dissident right to diss potential candidates for lack of experience or whatever, because it is likely that any candidate who represents the dissident right will be equally without traditional credentials.



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