Jeb Bush Caves to PC Already

Jeb hasn’t even officially started his campaign, and he is already caving to PC. What a wuss.

This story is interesting for two reasons. First, it proves Bush is weak and pathetic. Second, the guy who got canned for wrongthink is the co-founder of (which now redirects to AOL). Is this more evidence of “Hipster racism?”

8 thoughts on “Jeb Bush Caves to PC Already

  1. Thaddeus

    Jeb Bush isn’t even a faux rightist. He’s a flat-out Leftist in every way that matters.

    There is nothing conservative about him whatsoever.


  2. Richard Channing

    I have no doubts a Clinton presidency would be preferable to a Bush presidency. Of course, it goes without saying, both suck.


  3. hawthornecht


    I suspect it is an example. I would have to guess that the guy who got fired generally has all the “correct” opinions but came from the Internet that produced successful Game bloggers and so forth, and in the market requirements for the business he was in, one had to speak that way.

    Jeb and his Establishment ilk are going to find it increasingly impossible to find real talent–something we all watched with the two Ron Paul campaigns.


  4. deepdixie1979

    The Jeb Leftist will most likely secure the nomination in Lincoln’s party for 2016. What is disconcerting is that millions of folks like us will still support him, believing him to be the Conservative choice to Hillary’s Democrats. The Bush family just needs to go away. If I never heard their name again it would be grand.


  5. roho

    Hawthorne……………..Funny how the world turns……I can remember wondering if the Kennedy’s would ever run out of family ambition?



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