East Ukrainian Woman Speaks Against Conscription, Fighting Fellow Ukrainians

Notice the woman accuses the current government of illegitimacy due to the 2014 coup. The previous, pre-coup government was pro-Russian, and the current government should consolidate its gains, not press for war.

Americans are told to hate east Ukrainians, that they are dividing sovereign Ukrainian territory; but further fighting will greatly divide the Ukraine. Conquering a segment of a population is not “uniting” a nation. Conquest is extremely divisive. The only reason Southern Americans have largely forgiven Northern Americans for the war of 1861-1865 is mass immigration into both regions. Without that, we’d still be split just as the Irish are split today.

Those who want unity must oppose war in the Ukraine. Peaceful secession can be later followed by peaceful reunion.

Americans who declare Ukrainian territory indissolvable likely do not know its history. Why multicultural America even cares about the territorial integrity of a nation’s borders is a mystery.

4 thoughts on “East Ukrainian Woman Speaks Against Conscription, Fighting Fellow Ukrainians

  1. roho

    Weaver…………….Great find…….It reminds me of the South Osatian girl that blew up Sean Hannity’s anti-Russian rant, falsely accusing Russia of being the aggressor against Georgia a few years back. John McCain should be recalled to Arizona, impeached, locked in a cell, and his passport revoked!…..He is like “DR. WAR” of the world, constantly stirring up sh#t wherever he and Lindsey Graham goes. (Maybe he should spend more time protecting Arizona jobs from illegal aliens?) The woman’s rant is spot on. Western Ukrainians have NO more desire to go kill their Eastern European cousins than we wish to kill our relatives in Texas? MORALE trumps weapons, and NOBODY want’s to fight. (Except: Oligarths, Politicians, BIS, Bank Of England, IMF, Zionists, Zionist owned US Politicians, and other assorted nutjobs.) 40% of the Western Ukraine future draftees have either deserted to the Eastern side or crossed over into other nations, just as many of our youth went to Canada to avoid Vietnam. Putin has already won. The new pipeline will cross the Black Sea, into Turkey, for distribution to Europe, and the Ukrainians have been cut out of the deal. (They still owe Russia about $3 Billion in back payment, but will never be able to skim off the top anymore.)

    I disagree with Obama’s foreign policy, but on this issue, it will not matter how we arm the Western Ukrainians? (Even France and Germany needs a stabilized relationship with Russia, wishing the US State Department would find something else to do?)…………….At this rate of stupidity, no one will be on the US Dollar as a reserve currency, and unlike Libya, we can’t just drag Russian and Chinese leaders through the streets and murder them. (BRICS can fight back.) Hopefully, Merkel and Hollande’s meeting with Putin will resolve this today?………….This thing could go hot fast?

    “US Weapons Are No Magic Pill. Ukrainians Lack Morale, not Arms”

    “Doomsday Watch: Ukrainian Government To Seize Personal Savings”

    Does each Century have to repeat itself?



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