American Eagle Party Forms from the Remnants (?) of A3P/American Freedom Party

For those who are unaware, the American Third Position party was a pro-white third party that formed a few years back. I said at the time that that was a really bad choice for a name for a rightist American party and that it wouldn’t thrive. Third Positionism is primarily a European concept, and it doesn’t fit well into the political milieu of America or the political consciousness of the American right. Third Positionism and the overt anti-capitalism that inspires it is an idea that is held dear by some white nationalist intellectual types, but it doesn’t resonate with the American right base or accord with American political history.

I believe the leadership of the A3P soon realized this. I don’t know this for a fact, but I suspect they found themselves spending an inordinate amount of time explaining to prospects what Third Positionism is, and likely found that it turned off a lot of people because the right in the US is overwhelmingly pro-free enterprise. (I know that purist libertarians will object to this statement. They’ll point out positions where many rightist endorse measures that are not free market, such as drug prohibition, but I am speaking relatively here. Most American rightists are free-market fanatics compared to the left, right and center in Europe.) So they later changed their name to the American Freedom Party.

I also thought this was a bad choice of names because by calling themselves the Freedom Party, they invited objections from libertarians and others who are actually more freedom focused per se. The primary focus of the A3P/Freedom Party was always protecting the interests of American whites, not freedom as an abstract concept.

And of course there is the racial issue. I am on record and stand by my assertion that there are only two intellectually consistent positions on race/ethnicity. Either everyone gets to be equally ethnocentric (the historic norm), or no one gets to be ethnocentric at all (ideological color-blindness). The modern Cultural Marxist double standard of condemning white consciousness while praising black or Hispanic consciousness, for example, is not intellectually tenable. That said, the reality is that overtly pro-white sentiment is toxic in our current militantly PC milieu, and as such any white racialist enterprise is going to attract primarily the margins.

So now it looks like Merlin Miller, the 2012 Presidential candidate of the AFP, along with some former leaders of the AFP, have left the AFP and formed the American Eagle Party. While the article says the AFP is not defunct, this doesn’t bode well for them to continue on as anything other than a shell. As far as I could find, the AFP website does not address the split. They still have an article promoting Miller’s book. Her is the link to the AEP party website. It definitely has a more American right feel to it than the A3P did, and likely better reflects Miller’s sensibilities since he was a Ron Paul supporter. The linked article says this about the AEP:

The American Eagle Party says it stands for (1) ending U.S. involvement in wars around the world; (2) curtailing immigration; (3) reclaiming constitutional rights for citizens; (4) improving the national economy.

Notice there is no explicit mention of white interests. This statement makes it seem like an essentially paleoconservative party. I’m sure some will call this a cave. Some will call it a necessary concession to political reality. What I don’t know is if there is any back story about conflict among AFP leadership that brought this split about. As is, I’m not sure how it distinguishes itself from the Constitution Party except that it may be less explicitly Christian, thus attempting to occupy space that the America First Party, which is now a website only party as far as I can tell, once inhabited.

I’m not crazy about the American Eagle Party name either. I could write a separate article dealing with how to best name a new party, but I do think American Eagle Party is vastly superior to A3P and more accurate than AFP, as American Eagle is vaguely nationalistic.

We shall see where this leads.

Update: Also posted at Independent Political Report.

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