Chad Koppie Considering Constitution Party Bid for President

Below is the email response from Phil Collins to an inquiry sent by an IPR writer. Collins is Koppie’s former campaign manager. It is republished here with permission.

Dear xxxx,

During Chad’s last U.S. Senate campaign, I was his campaign manager, so your email was forwarded to me.  Yes, he’s considering running for president, for the Constitution Party.  I think that he’s the only potential candidate, for that party’s nomination, who has held an elective office.  He’s in his second term as a member of the Kane Co., IL Regional Board of Schools.  He was also a township trustee and school board member.  If he runs, his most important issue will be trying to end abortion, since he says that it’s murder.  He also supports cutting federal spending & tax rates and deporting more illegal aliens…

Phil Collins

Also posted at IPR.

Update: Here is his website.

Here is his Facebook campaign page.

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