Pro-Intervention “Conservatives” Are Embarrassing Themselves With Their Chris Kyle Emotionalism

I’m a non-interventionist on foreign policy, but conservatives are supposed to be my allies on other issues. This Chris Kyle business has me seriously questioning the thoughtfulness of many conservatives. I thought conservatives are supposed to be the rational ones and liberals are the ones who allow themselves to be ruled by their emotion, but on this Kyle issue almost all I am seeing is unhinged irrationality.

Here is the kind of emotional tirade that I am dealing with. Someone really wrote this on another thread (I cleaned up some spacing and punctuation issues):

Ventura was never a Seal and he hasn’t the credentials either, this miserable Dirtbag couldn’t even carry Chris Kyle’s shoes. Ventura is a Nobody and going Nowhere fast. Nobody likes him and he is flat out jealous that he never had the grit and the balls that a great American like Chris did. Chris accomplished a lot in life and nobody knows what Ventura ever accomplished…….

Nobody knows what Ventura ever accomplished? You can’t make this stuff up. Hmmm… let’s see. First of all, Ventura was a Seal before there technically was that term, but this has been hashed out at length and modern SEAL groups defend these folks’ right to consider themselves such. After that he was a big time WWE wrestler. Then a very talented heel announcer. Then a star of the movie Predator. Then became Gov of MN on a third party ticket. Then had a TV show. And is now often talked about as a possible Libertarian Presidential candidate. But you’re right. He’s a nobody who has never done anything.

How old is the guy who made this comment? 10? Have none of these clowns ever seen Predator, one of the best guy movies of all time? How ’bout you rent the movie Predator, and then get back to me about what a loser Ventura is. Good grief! Why am I even bothering. Such emotionally hysterical thinking is impenetrable.

Note: from my Facebook page.

5 thoughts on “Pro-Intervention “Conservatives” Are Embarrassing Themselves With Their Chris Kyle Emotionalism

  1. hawthornecht

    Hmmm, I don’t recall any bias as an announcer.

    I am with you, Red, though I will add a few years back I mentioned the importance of constantly waving the bloody shirt of Iraq, and you pushed back on the idea. I, of course, had no idea it would manifest itself in the form of a very popular Clint Eastwood film, but the point stands. For the remainder, never stop shaming “them.” Give them no heroes.


  2. roho

    Red………..It’s a fine line these days, not supporting the US Foreign Policy, yet supporting the troops?………..How does one fix it?…….Hell if I know?………Why didn’t the children of fallen CSA troops say, “Screw the Spainish/American War, or WWI?”…………………Or, if your Dad fought in the Vietnam Hoax, why not refuse to be a Bullet Catcher in Desert Storm?

    I don’t know?…….But, suspect that AMERICA still believes that AMERICA can do no wrong, and the ignorant concept of “LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT” is actually based on truth?……….We Paleocons are as dead as whigs…………….Dead!……………..The PROFESSIONAL MILITARY is nothing more than a Modern French Foreign Legion for the uninformed, and until Mitt Romney’s five sons are CONSCRIPTED against their will, nothing will change?………..When Loyd Blankfein’s children, Supreme Court Justice children, and both Senators and House Rep children start getting drafted, nothing will change!……………………A Volluntary Military is a HOAX!




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