Liberal monopoly in arts and entertainment?

Here’s the challenge conservatives face in reaching a wider audience, as Steve Sailer writes in today’s TakiMag:

It’s widely assumed, both by liberals and conservatives, that the fields of arts and entertainment innately induce egalitarian political leanings. Much of the prestige of the left, in fact, derives from the notion that it’s only natural for creative people to favor equality above all else.

Granted, there are a handful of obvious public exceptions, typically ornery senior tough guys, such as Republican Clint Eastwood. His American Sniper, with its monumental star turn by Bradley Cooper, is now on track to being the biggest movie released in 2014.

I’d say those exceptions to the rule prove there’s a huge market for conservative-friendly stories that the self-appointed guardians of popular culture want to keep you from seeing.

Here’s another example: My novella Aztec Midnight deals with the themes of uncontrolled immigration, Mexican drug cartels, and the still-vital necessity of being a man in an information age. It’s today’s featured book over at Pimp Books. You can check out a sample here. Following are reviews from various publishing journals and other writers. I hope you enjoy it.

“This fast-paced novella amps up the suspense with well-crafted dialogue and a Mexican drug cartel subplot. … M. C. Tuggle’s meticulous creation of a suspenseful, driving thriller makes Aztec Midnight very engaging.” Foreword Reviews

“Tuggle ably captures the spirit of Dan Brown novels and Indiana Jones–style adventure stories in this tale, as he surrounds his Aztec-treasure MacGuffin with just enough intrigue to keep readers engaged. The book’s brief length doesn’t hurt; it zips right along from twist to twist, eventually arriving at a bloody finale.” Kirkus Reviews

5 of 5 stars! This intriguing premise twists and turns throughout this fast-paced novella. Professor Barrett and his wife deal with politics, beauracracies, gangsters, and magic … In short, this quick read is fun, exciting, and well worth your time.” A.E. Stueve, author of The ABCs of Dinkology and Former.

“(Tuggle is) an author who knows something about drug cartels, about the lure of artifacts (magic ones especially), and about the derring-do of academical people when pushed to the wall.  Who knows how to write clearly and design a suspenseful plot.” Tito Perdue, author of Lee and Fields of Asphodel.

“Tuggle’s novella is not only fun to read but it holds your attention throughout, the intrigue and action never drags.” Gail Jarvis 

10 thoughts on “Liberal monopoly in arts and entertainment?

  1. weavercht

    There is a huge market even if only because every left-wing theme has been done to death.

    Out of sheer boredom, readers will find conservative concepts interesting. If you look at venues like anime, they’re out of ideas.


  2. Mike Post author

    Richard Bledsoe,

    I think you’re right. We’ve seen enough of Serrano and poseurs like him. It’s time to celebrate beauty and courage once again.


  3. roho

    Liberals will always control the Performing Arts, as well as much of the other arts. Like Home Depot, they are a Beehive of LGBT enthusiasts. Like the British Government, they are infiltrated with sicophants, pedophiles, perverts, and grungy members of the TRIBE, that expect ALL Goyims to Pay to Play………..They prey on peoples sick ambitions to continue their sick desire to be “Popular” long after puberty……………………………..But, it’s not the only industry infiltrated.


  4. weavercht


    it’s interesting that Bill Martin Jr. who wrote Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (insanely popular children’s book), is an open Marxist. And so many other children’s authors/film producers are also left-wing.

    Without a pro-West website telling parents which books are not teaching harmful values, children are somewhat at risk. Parents tend to trust the schools, and there isn’t a major alternative authority. We can’t expect every parent to be vigilant enough. It’s just not in many people’s personality.

    I realise the traditional American perspective is “the individual is best on his own”, but in reality there’s a need for an institution(s) to offer an alternative.

    That said, I don’t think Brown Bear is anything harmful. The target audience is too young even if something harmful is in there (I don’t have the book). But children are targeted as young as possible now, and individualistic America has no defences. Most individuals are simply not able to defend all fronts at once. The libertarian approach of survival of the fittest might reveal that only the group-oriented anti-libertarian are fit to survive.

    An addition, the “Marxists” might be right in their opposition to Eurocentrism from a global perspective. I don’t myself wish for the world to be Eurocentric. I sincerely like GK Chesterton’s “a chorus of superlatives” and your own “let 1000 flowers blossom” goal, which is to say allowing smaller, healthy societies to arise. A Korean child should be raised to love Korea and so forth.

    To some extent “Leftists” are created by overzealous Euro-colonialists. So, just as conservatives today tend to blindly react to a Left they sense as unhealthy, the Left also to some degree tends to blindly react to the “Eurocentrism” of the past which they sensed as unhealthy.

    Those who wish to act responsibly must learn to derive values from First Things, to stand on civilisation and from that judge what’s best. Mere blind reaction is not good enough.


  5. weavercht

    And ah, sorry to preach at you.

    You’re right reg. “It’s time to celebrate beauty and courage once again.”

    I’d add in particularities, “mother’s love for child as most beautiful”, as well – not only abstract beauty. I suppose you could argue each civilisation/nationality creates a particular sense of beauty. I just wish to advocate both beauty and particularity.


  6. Mike Post author


    “Those who wish to act responsibly must learn to derive values from First Things, to stand on civilisation and from that judge what’s best. Mere blind reaction is not good enough.”

    Absolutely. Whenever we’re challenged, we have to keep our heritage and its principles foremost in mind.

    Look at the prior post on Japan and marriage. MGTOW is a prime example of a group that reacted blindly to feminism, which is a Cultural Marxist movement aimed at undermining the traditional family. The poor slobs at MGTOW adopted feminism’s fundamental Marxist philosophy and proclaimed themselves victims of oppression demanding equality with women, whom they view as the new oppressors. They reject marriage as a man-trap. The result is the same as feminism, a weakened family structure.

    You can almost hear the SJW’s snickering as they hear the MGTOWs declarations against marriage.



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