Japan: Tax Handsome Men

Japan’s low birthrate makes sustaining its numerous elderly, expensive. Japanese economist Morinaga Takuro has jokingly suggested a tax on handsome men.

More seriously, Morinaga blames the falling birthrate on Japan’s declining marriage rate.

While an increase in marriage might be ideal, in the US we have multi-generation welfare mothers. Welfare mothers produce. At the risk of Idiocracy, Shinzō Abe could subsidise a class of welfare mothers for his next phase of Abenomics.

Unfortunately, Japan appears on the cusp of global trend among men and women. I’ve long been wary of the manosphere. Feminism drove women from motherhood and healthy female values; now it seems men are being driven from fatherhood. The movement is called MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). Like Japanese Grass Eaters, they aren’t interested in women, at least not beyond safe sex. No marriage. No children. Men and women are increasingly choosing to live for themselves, as atomised individuals. The war on the family institution marches on.

To quote Morinaga in closing, “Human women are also great fun!”

H/T: JoeB

Also see: Japan, Land of the Man-Bra.

Addendum: A related trend is the move away from extended families and towards friendship groups.

22 thoughts on “Japan: Tax Handsome Men

  1. Tell The Truth

    MGTOW is mostly composed of men that have suffered severe life damage by women in divorce. The mindset of MGTOW is that you don’t engage in institutions that have a 1 in 2 chance of destroying your life (or, if you must, a 1 in 3 chance of destroying your life). MGTOW is the result of our increasingly gynocentric, misandric, naive white knight and feminist led society.

    Misandric feminists destroyed the family. MGTOW is a personal survival strategy.

    If you want to solve the problem of family breakdown, you’ll have to time warp back to the 1950s, before feminism took hold and right the ship. As that’s not going to happen, expect things to get much, much worse. If you want to know the future, just look to Sweden – the liberal feminist utopia. Lowest indigenous marriage rates and birth rates. Highest out of wedlock birth rates. Highest tax rates. The indigenous population is being replaced by mass immigration.

    Russia, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Iran, Japan, much of Europe, the US and others are all experiencing the same thing. Japan is the last holdout on mass immigration as a solution.

    The cost and life damage of marriage and family is too high. Through it, millions of lives are destroyed every year across the globe. The damage wrought by misandric feminism is incalculable. The true cost won’t be known for several more decades.


  2. Mike

    From reading MGTOW’s FAQ, it appears to be a loose collection of men who agree on little else than their victimization. They are the first men in the history of the world to be hurt by relationships gone wrong, and now want to huddle and weep.

    This is surrender to the Cultural Marxists, who dream of atomizing traditional society.


  3. Tell The Truth

    “From reading MGTOW’s FAQ, it appears to be a loose collection of men who agree on little else than their victimization.”

    MGTOW are pro-male, not anti-female. MGTOW are about men’s lives, not feminine prerogatives. MGTOW are about male survival, not hypergamy or gynocentrism. MGTOW aren’t about begging for a better position at the slave table (see MRAs).

    MGTOW are a feminist’s worst nightmare, which is why feminists attack MRAs and avoid MGTOW.

    Feminists have no defense against MGTOW. We don’t want a better bargaining position at the marriage table. We don’t want better divorce laws. We don’t want better alimony, divorce, child support or custody laws.

    Poody is largely life threatening and loaded with disease. MGTOW don’t seek to oppress women. Instead, they seek to remove any oppressive power women have over men’s lives. MGTOW seek to remove women’s power over their lives.

    Ask the herbivore men in Japan what MGTOW want. I’ll give you a hint – It has nothing to do with women. It has everything to do with men living outside of the misandric, feminist, gynocentric world in which men suffer at the behest of women.

    MGTOW aren’t the problem. MGTOW are the cure. Women are the problem. MGTOW will fix that problem.

    White knights and feminists hate MGTOW. Why? Because each is gynocentric and misandric.

    Feminists, anti-feminists, tradcons, MRAs and white knights are all harmful to men. Each operates within the realm of a shared agenda. Each wants to hold onto the aspect of the patriarchy that benefits them personally, while eschewing the aspects of the patriarchy that don’t.

    Is it any wonder feminists, MRAs, tradcons and anti-feminists have a problem with MGTOWs? Not really. How do you debate a MGTOW? You can’t. They’re always right.


  4. Tell The Truth

    My favorite thing about married men: Watching them drown in desperation and despair, their futures destroyed through divorce, after years of telling other men that being married was so wonderful.

    My favorite thing about players: Most are nursing an incurable STD, hoping it doesn’t move to their lips or eyes. That and the amount of money they paid chasing that incurable STD.

    My favorite thing about white knights: Watching them go through the eventual disillusionment and disenchantment that comes with divorce and being cheated on by their spouse or girlfriend. That and them having to pay the X wife to sleep with other men. Watching them go to jail for getting behind on child support/alimony is also much fun.

    My favorite thing about feminists: Watching them lose their sons to alcoholism, drugs, poverty, homelessness and suicide after another feminist destroys their son’s life.

    MGHOW for life.


  5. Thaddeus

    Tell the Truth is completely correct in what he says about the MGTOW movement. It is, quite simply, a strategy not to be enslaved by feminism.

    Is Mike the writer who previously signed his work as HarrisonBergeron2? I agree with almost everything he says, but in this one, single, specific case, he has not correctly assessed the situation.

    Having said that, I do agree that MGTOW isn’t nearly enough. A wholesale destruction of feminism and a complete reform of society (so that women are no longer able think of men as disposable at best, and as marks to be hoodwinked into funding their post-divorce “liberated” lifestyles at worst) is needed.

    MGTOW is a survival strategy for not dying of feminism’s symptoms, rather than a cure for the disease of feminism itself. But as is the case in surviving any illness, one does need to treat the symptoms to survive long enough to beat the disease.


  6. Mike

    From what I’ve seen, MGTOW is a separatist movement for unmarried men. They seem to believe that marrying, having children, and raising a family — the very things that give our lives meaning and continuity — are in fact society’s snares for entrapping men.

    They may not realize it, but they’re the mirror image of the feminists, who are themselves victims of Cultural Marxism. Feminists see marriage, children, and family as means of stifling individuality. They believe that traditional fulfillment is bad. No wonder they’re so venomous. Why should conservative men seek to AGREE with the feminists that marriage is detrimental to their saintly personhood?

    As I said, MGTOW is just another front in the war to atomize society.


  7. redphillips

    If you are a Christian and believe that sex is only authorized within the bonds of marriage, then swearing off marriage is the equivalent of swearing off sex. I don’t know many guys who want to sign up for that, so MGTOW implicitly condones illicit sex.

    That doesn’t mean everything the MGTOW movement says is wrong. Traditionalist Christian conservatives will always have a love hate relationship with both the MGTOW and pick-up artist elements of the manosphere. We have a common enemy, feminism and the denial of biological sexual dimorphism, but not a common solution.


  8. Tell The Truth

    “…are in fact society’s snares for entrapping men.”

    Women file 2/3rds of divorces and collect 95% of alimony and child support. Women almost always get custody of the kids. Women get the majority of health, education and welfare federal and state funding that men do. Men die nearly a decade before women, so women get bulk of SS and Medicare funding. Men pay the vast majority of taxes that pay for all of these gynocentric programs.

    I don’t want to be compared to a feminist. I despise anti-feminists. The feminists claim that men oppress women, even though women are the privileged gender in society. I do not want to be compared to a feminist, white knight, anti-feminist or tradcon. I despise them all.

    What I want is true equality. What I want is for men not to be judged based on what they provide to women. What I want to see is as many dead women on the battlefield as men. I want to see as many women working the dirty, dangerous, life threatening jobs that men work. I’m tired of women complaining they don’t have half the CEO and board member positions. Neither do the vast majority of men. I want to see women having to sign up for selective service at age 18. I want to see men granted half of all university jobs. I want to see men granted half of all university undergraduate and graduate offers.

    I want to see as many homeless women as homeless men. I want to see equal amounts of funding going towards men’s education, health and welfare that goes to women. Currently, women get many times the funding that men get.

    MGTOW want true equality, not the equality that feminists, white knights, tradcons, MRAs and anti-feminists envision.


  9. redphillips

    Traditionalist conservatives (tradcons) don’t want equality. We want a restoration of the natural and Christian social order. But despise is a strong word, don’t you think?

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  10. Mike

    I’m with Red. What kind of “man” whines that he doesn’t have equality with women? Equality is what the LGBT crowd and their socialist allies demand.


  11. Tell The Truth

    “…But despise is a strong word, don’t you think?”

    I’m an “oppressor”. Why would I have a problem with the word, “despise”? Ya feel me?


  12. Tell The Truth

    “I’m with Red. What “man” yearns for equality with women? Equality is what the LGBT crowd and their socialist allies demand.”

    Good God. I’ve opened a pit of ignorance that might never be closed.


  13. Tell The Truth

    “MGTOW should be MJOTP (Men Jerking Off to Porn)”

    I make a ton of money. I have a high net worth. I’m not married. I don’t have kids. If it weren’t for feminism, the incredibly simple, care-free, easy life I live today might not have been possible. My estate is willed to men’s charities.

    Women have nothing to add to my life but the opportunity to have sex. Beyond that, women bring only emasculation and shame. Sex with most women bring (1) the chance of contracting an incurable STD, (2) the chance of a false rape claim (cause I’m not calling her the next day or next week), (3) the chance of an unwanted pregnancy, where ‘my body my choice = your wallet’, (4) the emasculating ‘privilege’ of living with a woman, (5) the pressure to get married and (6) giving a natural parasite the opportunity to transfer my wealth to themselves through divorce and/or other forms of civil suits.

    Feminism helped men a lot more than it helped women. The only reason men are still getting screwed en masse (I mean in a bad way) is because all of media promotes a 1950s view in men’s thought processes. Most of the messages sent to men in the media are still promoting white knight/captain save a hoe/gynocentric mentality (i.e., man up/get married). If you can somehow wake men up and remove the illusions, enchantments and false beliefs regarding women (i.e., teach them the true nature of women, hypergamy, etc), then you’re going to have a lot more single, happy men.

    All of the above is why the MGTOW mindset is so very beneficial for men. The MGTOW mindset undoes all of the false social programming that destroys men. MGTOW thinking frees men’s minds.

    What am I supposed to do? Get married, have kids and then end up homeless as a result of my wife cheating on me and winning an ‘award’ for alimony and child support?

    Women can burn in hades, along with hypergamy, feminism, white knights, alimony, child support, anti-feminists and the entire structure that supports these misandric ends.

    The MGTOW mindset is the way forward for men. White knights are destroying men. That women so enthusiastically find abortion their birth right tells you all you need to know about women. Sadly, most men can’t translate this simple piece of information regarding women. It could have been your life they so callously aborted. Think they’ll feel much different during the divorce? If you said no – then you’re a genius.



  14. roho

    Lot’s of perspectives here……..I will give my age of 62, as I believe that perspectives change somewhat for everyone as they move through decades. Just as living history is quite different than reading history. (I saw JFK murdered in real time on the TV in 4th grade current events.)

    I believe that the entire 20th Century was a humanity failure In it’s entirety. (As a result of imposed Cultural Marxism on the west by failed immigration.)

    The Native American Indian hunted, fished, and played all day, while his squaw worked.
    We told him our system was better through force.

    The Japanese woman still walked 10 paces behind a husband at the end of WWII.
    We told him our system was better through force. (Fortunately for him, he didn’t kill any Jews.)

    Like it or not, the Islamic World is fighting to maintain their 2200 year old marriage culture today.

    A wise old man once told me when I was young, “There is nothing better than a good marriage, and nothing worse than a bad marriage. It’s peaks and valleys of extreme happiness and extreme misery.” ………………….It would be about 40 years before I totally understood. Some men hate the swings, and prefer to live their lives with less happiness and misery. (Just a smooth comfortable place of relaxed happiness. 😉 I’ve married twice, and during my times of meeting married men, even in the church, 8 out 10 have always said, “I don’t blame you. If this marriage don’t work, I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!” Some children are simply not impressed with parenting from their view as well.

    Marriage was for the most part, a man’s institution prior to the 20th Century. Women then gained control in our new Cultural Marxist Society. They can keep it and I will keep my new depth finder with no guilt.


  15. roho

    Here is an example of how the MSM continues to neuter the Western Christian Male. What it has to do with CNN Money is anybody’s guess? (Perhaps the message is “Get you a high tech Babe and learn to live by her standards?”)…………I find it interesting that she was originally from the South?

    “I Have A Fiance, A Girlfriend And Two Boyfriends”.

    Does that mean a Fiance, a Sugar Daddy Company Manager at my job, and a lesbian hookup on the side?

    It’s really hard to explain to those under 30, but I actually remember when African/Americans actually married, had legitimate children, and went to church every Sunday. The black man was the head of the house and actually raised his children, or answered to the KKK as did the white man not serving his Christian responsibilities.

    Go to the youtube and pull up old film footage of an America gone and lost.


  16. MaxWiskers

    The handsome man tax makes as much sense as a skank tax, nether would have the desired effect even if they were successfully implemented. They would have opposite effect and make things even worse. Such is the effect of doubling down on a failed mindset.

    Mouse utopia experiments,

    Having a bad plan is better than no plan at all, while my plan may have some harsh side effects, it has actionable ideas that will actually work. It will create a population explosion which is what Japan is calling for.

    Tax women who have not had children, tax them for all of the things they want like shoes, handbags, jewelery, makeup. Anything aimed at chicks tax it hard. These taxes should come at Jap chicks from multiple angles, chicks who do not have children should be taxed into total abject starvation poverty. Once they produce a kid the tax monkey will jump off there back for a time then the monkey will start again if she is not productive in a timely manner. Once she pops the second one out she gets to break even. More than 2 rug rats she can even make some money. Like a reverse tax, really this is balls to the walls on incentives, chicks are greedy, selfish and very sensitive to finical incentives. Also remove the age of consent, if she old enough to bleed she old enough to breed.

    Next legalize all drugs for women only. By all I mean all, crack, meth, coke, molly, weed anything that makes a chick extra horny goes, no holds bar here.

    The other solution is open up the flood gates of immigration, thats how other countries disguise there population declines. Caribbean and sub Saharan blacks would be my first choice, Muslims would be the next good addition, then you could go for South East Asian. You want places where large family size is the norm and pimping comes natural to most of the men.



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