3 thoughts on “My Summary of the State of the Union

  1. roho

    Obama even bores the Democratic Party………..He is now such a serious self lover that his own party is embarrassed…………….He is a comedy of US politics,


  2. weavercht


    Obama still has worshipers. You haven’t been talking with many Democrats. They actually believe Obama cares for the middle class.

    What are the primary threats to the middle class? trade deficit, excess labour supply, excessive government spending (e.g. war). Obama fails on all counts! All Obama does is talk about helping.

    Obama is vulnerable should anyone point those out.


  3. weavercht

    And Obama has sided with wealthy donors. This Keystone battle is really over money. The US would and does now use Canadian oil regardless. If the oil is so polluting, then it should be taxed or banned. However, I doubt this fracking is entirely harmless. And transporting Middle East oil creates pollution too.



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