Joe Pa Gets His Wins Back!

Every now and then, justice is actually served. Joe Pa and Penn State are getting their wins back.

I ranted at the time at the pre-crash site that the NCAA was way out of line when it went after Penn State for what was essentially a law enforcement issue rather than a NCAA issue. The idea that you can “vacate” wins is childish magical thinking. Do their mommies still kiss their boo boos and make them all better also? But the right thing is being done by officially “restoring” Joe Paterno’s wins. Word has it that the NCAA settled because they knew they didn’t have a legal leg to stand on according to their own rules. And props to the PA legislator who had the courage to sue.

3 thoughts on “Joe Pa Gets His Wins Back!

  1. roho

    I read the evidence and disagree.

    Bear Bryant looked Conrad Hollaway in the eyes and said, “I’m sorry but ALABAMA is not ready for a NEGRO Quarterback”, while simultaneously drinking whiskey and playing poker with Bob Hope and John Wayne……………………….Joe Pa could care less what SANDUSKY did as long as it had no effect on his GODSHIP in DOWN TOWN PENN STATE?……………I don’t support JOE PA, anymore than anyone else that has looked at the EVIDENCE!

    He knew and ignored the evidence!


  2. redphillips Post author

    Paterno might have deliberately looked the other way. He had a moral and likely legal, since it involved minors, obligation to step in and do what he could to stop the behavior or enlist the aid of those who could and then go to the proper authorities.

    The one reason I might cut him a little slack is because he was an old man and this sort of thing was likely completely off his radar screen. In cases like this where the allegation is so shocking and outside your normal scope of things, people don’t want to go to the authorities and be wrong so they have a tendency to talk themselves out of what they think they know. That said, it simply was not an NCAA issue. They were simply grandstanding because the climate said they had to “do something.” In that way, the NCAA is a lot like the President of UVA. Rumor has it that the NCAA essentially brow beat Penn State into taking the severe penalties because the other option was the death penalty.


  3. hawthornecht

    There was an Institutional Battle (thank you Title 9) that had made JoePa very powerful, and a temporary reshuffle, has probably reduced the power of the position. Billy O’Brien was there such a short time, and Penn State might be 10 years from challenging in the Big 10, if ever again, and that was even with the status quo.

    Louis Freeh was called in to run the whitewash–and I buy that JoePa turned the other way, but he was also busy lowering standards to get ‘you-know-what-sort-of-athlete’ in and couldn’t risk any scrutiny. And in fairness of the gamble he was taking, what were the odds it was really as bad as it appears to have been?

    It has to be noted that the Republican Governor of Pennsylvania–who more or less turned the other way on the Sandusky case as then DA of the region, suggesting the thing goes very deep, including dead people, lost his re-election bid (to no less then a guy named Tom Wolf.)

    (Obviously, I am feeding the people’s reaction to discovering the Grand Conspiracy.)

    And Red, you are correct that vacating wins is stupid.



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