Chipotle Rejects Inhumanely Raised Pork

Chipotle is popular for offering good tasting, moderately fast food that is healthy – and humane. It’s an ideal eatery for the productive American with a conscience.

Recently, after getting word that one of its pork suppliers was mistreating its animals, Chipotle took the higher path and reduced pork sold at its restaurants until the supply could be improved.

I know we’re often told only Marxists have a conscience, only “the Left” could care anything for animals; but I wouldn’t expect a local child who tortures cats to grow up to oppose abortion or become a preacher.

The true Right is moral, and Chipotle deserves praise from our side for walking the higher path. Man is an omnivore, meant to consume the flesh of animals; but there’s no justification for mistreating those animals.

1 thought on “Chipotle Rejects Inhumanely Raised Pork

  1. roho

    I personally enjoy wild pig………..Back in the eighties, we killed quite a few wild feral hogs while deer hunting. My brother in law hated wild game and we served him bar-b-q wild hog on JULY 4, and he loved it!……And loved it twice!…..And loved it thrice!…….And we told him what he had eaten on THANKSGIVING…………….He admitted that he was wrong……..Wild Turkey is not as dry as domestic turkey, wild hog eats like white meat without all of the fat, and venison digests faster than beef ground beef………………..Wild game is GOD’s food, and he will ask “Where’s the stuff I left you with when he returns”, and see’s the plant life, trees, animals, etc that have been created in labs by food producers?……………….Wish I had some rabbit today?



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