R.I.P. Marlboro Man – an Icon of the America That Used to Be

I think smoking is foolish, but it says a lot about our society that Madison Avenue used to believe rugged manly men were the way to sell products. Now they apparently think Pajama Boy is what moves consumers. God help us! R.I.P. Marlboro Man.

The “Marlboro Man” was almost a caricature of masculinity. The rugged cowboys were used in magazine and television advertisements from the 1950s to late 1990s in an effort to make filtered cigarettes more appealing to men.

See more at USA Today

Today the Marlboro Man is “almost a caricature of masculinity.” At the time he was an iconic image of what a real man was supposed to look like.

5 thoughts on “R.I.P. Marlboro Man – an Icon of the America That Used to Be

  1. roho

    He was rugged, anglo, and actually liked women?…………….That SOB Racist!
    I hope he died of Smoking Cigarettes and only having sex with white women!
    He most likely hated minorities and failed to seek his sensitive nature of the downtrodden?

    Everyone knows that the GLBT and Children of Africa and ESRIEL grew AMERICA!


  2. weavercht

    I like how German toy makers continue to produce wooden smoking figures, lol. Smoking is very much a part of our culture still.

    I personally don’t like smoking, but it is relaxing. You can work productively while smoking. You can think clearly while smoking. It isn’t the same with pot and alcohol which have filled tobacco’s shoes.

    Someone will say tobacco is a carcinogen, a mutogen, bad for circulation, and otherwise unhealthy. Well, yes. But we’re almost in need of an alternative mild drug to fill its place.

    I used to suggest tea to replace it. Maybe there’s something better. I believe Dr. Fleming once mocked the tea as for ladies, haha. I dunno what else is out there.

    Perhaps we could relax by eating high-protein jerky or sausage, which is needed by muscled strongmen. It is aristocratic to pursue strength, so perhaps we should embrace strength.


  3. MaxWiskers

    The real Marlboro Men of America, farmers and cowboys, brought employment and livelihood to millions of Mexicans over the years.



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