Lucy Steigerwald vs. Ilana Mercer Over … You Guessed It, Racism

Ilana Mercer has unleashed her harsh pen against AntiWar columnist Lucy Steigerwald.

It’s not clear to me what Steigerwald wrote here other than one tweet and one reply. The one tweet was unnecessary PC grandstanding and strikes me as Steigerwald gratuitously seizing an opportunity to fly her PC flag, but I’m not sure if there is more to this story. But Mercer is apparently sensitive about such things because she has recently been attacked for her injudicious use of absolutist language when she declared that whites don’t riot and loot. (Any marriage therapist will tell you that it is wise to avoid absolutist language. One exception otherwise makes “You never do the dishes!” a false statement.)

Of interest to our clique, Mercer states that she has had a “fractious relationship” with Justin Raimondo. I was unaware of this. Anyone know what this is about?


14 thoughts on “Lucy Steigerwald vs. Ilana Mercer Over … You Guessed It, Racism

    1. redphillips Post author

      Do you have a link? I Yahooed /Vox Day Ilana Mercer Intellectual Streetwalker/ and got back nothing but positive comments about Mercer from Day.


  1. roho

    I have liked Mercer in the past………………………..But no longer trust ANYBODY FROM THE HIVE these days?…………………..Controlled Opposition seems the norm these days?


  2. hawthornecht

    Mr. Raimondo, should you check back–your recent tweet covering your twitter battle with the Ron Paul Institute.

    I am guessing Lew’s blog post today suggests he is siding with Ron Paul and McAdams–if not necessarily as it could be coincidence–but McAdams showed a bit of of over reach with his last comment in the link, as that wasn’t exactly your position. Are y’all both vying for the same tiny audience?

    PCR has his uses, but his writing on false flag stuff, while advanced, is ultimately weak and distracting, if in line with the Ron Paul method of moving away from issues about Islam and immigration–where, BTW, you play in the same ground. I never see mentioned that the supra-Deep State has an interest in having as many foreign settlements in the country as possible–all the better for agent recruitment (to run scams) and so forth (see Chechnya and Boston.) When something goes bad, they play the “just a one-off” card, and everyone, at the cost of a few civil liberties, keeps on keeping on. Just a suggestion–maybe push back a bit and battle for a slice of the American Right. Mercer’s comments enter a new context, oddly timed.


    1. redphillips Post author

      Beck has flirted with conspiracy theories before, and got a lot of criticism for it. The Blaze shouldn’t be playing the role of anti-conspiracy police.



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