Jack Kerwick Takes on Jack Hunter on Conservatives and “Race Deafness”

Jack Kerwick published this response to Jack Hunter’s recent TAC article accusing conservatives of “race deafness.” I’m glad to see someone pushing back specifically against Jack for his article and TAC for publishing it. These sort of PC broadsides need to be countered with anti-PC responses.

CHT discussed Jack’s article here and here.

18 thoughts on “Jack Kerwick Takes on Jack Hunter on Conservatives and “Race Deafness”

      1. Citizen Norman

        I am Libertarian you retarded piece of shit. I will assume you are a faggot. Your anus has been stuffed so much you cannot shit properly. Your apartment smells of shit and you live in fear of niggers with guns. Mongoloid piece of shit.


  1. Savrola

    So gentlemen, what are we going to do about the nigger-question? I mean besides the usual tactics of whining and clutching the grips of the CCW permit weapon hidden behind your paunch whenever you see one?

    Shall we advocate sending them back to Africa?

    Shall they be given a region of their own?

    Or shall we simply continue to larp in the suburbs, as Red does.


    1. weavercht

      Last I checked, “we” were out of power with an aging demographic that’s easily manipulated by talk radio and FOX News and a younger generation that’s newly arrived and descended from all parts of Europe with little sense of identity and only a sort of anti-other reactionary unity. What do “we” do? How about figuring what identity there is, building a foundation, and focusing on survival?

      What do “we” do with blacks? The question more is what will the “nation of immigrants” do with “us”? Bill Ayers seemed to have an unpleasant plan in mind.

      Blacks would be more productive and less dangerous if they weren’t flooded with anti-white propaganda. Ideally a polity is composed of a single nation and far smaller than the USA, but real life is short-term and never ideal. It’s a waste of time to “plan” when the identity is lacking. You start at step 1.

      And no step involves harming blacks. “Breaking all boundaries” doesn’t mean you’re accomplishing something more. PC has limited the thinking of conservatives in general, but basic civility is not what PC is.


      1. weavercht


        You mean to say it’s bothersome that I’m stronger than you, how I stand up to your charades.

        I don’t hate blacks. It’s people like you who need to be expelled. You’re the reason the US is falling apart.

        I don’t understand how you can treat Red like dirt and he shrug his shoulders. It’s as if you’re a mental patient, and it’s just accepted.


      2. Savrola

        Red has some class. I interviewed him on my show and treated him fairly.

        You are a worm with the spine of a chocolate eclair


      3. weavercht


        your tendency to trash talk makes you look to have had a tough life. It’s a defence mechanism and a sign that you are weak.

        You only care about yourself. You’re no activist, and you behave as badly as any black stereotype. Red does appear strong, because he has “class”, as you say: He’s a genuinely nice guy. And that is true strength. Red has the ability to make a difference. I hope you make something of yourself.


    1. weavercht

      It’s sad you’re forced to reply like that. Trolls only respect crude behaviour though of course. If you’re not making sexual, racial, or otherwise offensive references, they read it as a sign of weakness. Only the shocking and outrageous is respected by the troll.


  2. redphillips Post author

    I have no idea who Citizen Norman is, but he appears to be someone who frequents Independent Political Report. His blog is actually humorous in places, if you can get past the crudeness, but I’m not really sure what he is up to. It’s obviously a spoof blog though.



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