The Unsinkable Walter Jones

Twelve years ago, Walter Jones was a subject of mockery in paleo circles. His blatant Franco smears (“Freedom Fries”) led me to purchase only French wine for a Christmas dinner party I was hosting in simpler times. For years after, I only served French wine, and when going to a party where a gift of wine was the norm, I brought French wine (plus, the price was great.)
In time, Walter Jones would quietly, without much fanfare, change his tune. While the Congressman of a military district, he regretted supporting the traitor war in Iraq and wrote personal letters asking for forgiveness to each family that lost a member.

The neocons/traitorcons have tried to defeat him in primaries, but they cannot do it.
Walter Jones doesn’t rest there, on a version of sentimentality in a lost cause. Walter Jones is leading the Congressional battle, in league with a decent Democrat in Stephen Lynch (MA), to release the redacted 9/11 documents that presume to describe the Saudi Connection.
With the current sex scandal aimed at the Clintons in the news, this one is aimed at the Bushies, and lots of unsavory people, as well as the good guys, want to see these pages.

God’s Speed, Walter Jones.

5 thoughts on “The Unsinkable Walter Jones

  1. Christopher

    The more signifigant “vote” was in Dec 2011 when Duncan endorsed Romney and a month later Jones endorsed Ron Paul.



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