The Grand Conspiracy and the Wisdom of Folklore

News that convicted sex offender and billionaire, Jeffery Epstein, was running an underage sex ring, courting the rich and powerful, is but a small glimpse of the Grand Conspiracy.
What was once dismissed as conspiracy theory, or in Jeffery Epstein’s case, the usual accusation of anti-Semitism, is now a mainstream story. With Bill Clinton’s name turning up in the world of Jeffery Epstein, the story is likely to have legs, but perhaps the twists and turns the story takes in England bare more immediate political attention. In England, renewed calls for a complete investigation into the past 50 years of British Establishment paedophile crimes, are being demanded.

It can be assured that the members of Parliament and the Establishment who engaged in such crimes will also, as if by magic, be associated with efforts to turn over British sovereignty to the European Union. Should the UKIP use its present weight to press an investigation, it could prove to be one hell of a monkeywrench…as well as an assurance that the folklore surrounding the Grand Conspiracy will live on.
Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “The Grand Conspiracy and the Wisdom of Folklore

  1. redphillips

    I don’t doubt that sex rings exist and that the people who can afford such things are the ones who utilize them, but I wouldn’t hang my hat on the credibility of this accuser. I read about this story yesterday because Roger Stone linked to it on Facebook. The accuser’s claims are pretty incredible. The reason I’m skeptical and think the accuser might be delusional is because she names at least two very high profile people as her abusers, including a member of the British Royal Family. Why, in cases like this, do the accusers so often name high profile people instead of the obscure creepy but rich guy down the street?

    That said, she is represented by two heavyweight attorneys, so they must believe her claims are at least credible enough. Alan Dershowitz has already said he plans to pursue having them dis-barred for filing outrageous claims.

    The fact that Bill Clinton was very chummy with Epstein is an issue regardless of the credibility of this claim, and this claim does bring that little tidbit of information back into the spotlight.


  2. hawthornecht Post author


    I alluded to your point with saying the action is in England and the UK with this story. The sensational aspects can fuel a broader inquiry, and capable men in UKIP could turn the Grand Conspiracy that still exists in our people’s folklore into a real monkey wrench that leads to withdrawing from the EU. I did tag it esoterica.

    Dershowitz is a friend of Epstein–check out this “sympathetic” article from 2007:

    A lot of people could go down, which should be encouraged. Bob Tyrell quoted Luther “Jerry” Parks (deceased) wife (who managed the hotel of these Arkansas parties) back in the day about Clinton doing blow with his brother and Dan Lassiter, with plenty of high schoolers hanging around. The whole gang is coming back.


  3. weavercht

    Hopefully the UK can break free. Greece might break away, and the EU economy is weak.

    If Britain is fully submerged, erm even more fully submerged, it will have to take a minority strategy, which there’s a book for actually…


    1. hawthornecht Post author


      I am not sure if you have read any of the historian Thomas Fleming (not Thomas Fleming of course) but in his Revolutionary War historical fiction (and his Civil War historical fiction is must reading) he describes a Babylon within the British hierarchy that is both documented and quite well, believable. The folklore didn’t come from nothing, as it was popular knowledge.

      Anyway, you were quite right, though I tried to be careful, to point out that the accuser is just as likely to be in the realm of hoax–or at least she is a simple extortionist. I never want to white knight, and I don’t want to suggest that a fiat law being violated is grounds for mass hysteria–save if it fuels folklore, I am willing to play along.



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