An Update on the UVA Gang Rape Hoax: Unz vs. Bradley?

Here is Richard Bradley’s latest update on the UVA gang rape that didn’t happen story. Here are some highlights. The author, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, has gone completely silent. The Columbia School of Journalism has been commissioned by Rolling Stone to determine what went wrong with their reporting and fact checking. UVA President Teresa Sullivan has still not apologized to the fraternities she wrongly closed. And who knows what is going on with Jackie these days. Hopefully she is getting the mental help she so desperately needs.

Some people in the RooshV forum questioned the credibility of the article soon after it was released. This is the earliest questioning of the story I have heard of. Bradley has generally been credited as being the first major journalist to question it publicly in writing. Steve Sailer has widely been acknowledged as popularizing the story which was going largely unnoticed at Bradley’s blog until Sailer linked to it. Of interest to us, Ron Unz gloats about Sailer’s role in making this a big story in a post at A comment at Bradley’s blog takes exception to what the author sees as Unz minimizing Bradley’s role and inflating Sailer’s. I think the characterization that Bradley “broke” the story and Sailer popularized it is largely accurate, but I do think that Unz is a bit indelicate in the way he characterizes things. There is no need to diminish Bradley’s role in order to brag about Sailer’s.

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