6 thoughts on “Daniel Cormier to Train with Steven Seagal for Jon Jones Fight

  1. Kirt Higdon

    Seagal must have something to offer or else Cormier would not waste his time. If Cormier wins, Seagal will definitely take the credit. I expect Jones to win and hope he does. I’m not a fan of either man outside the octagon, but inside, Jones is far more entertaining. Cormier has the effective but boring style of his close friend and colleague Cain Velasquez, but without being as injury prone as Cain. Cormier is also very strong for his size, but I don’t think he’ll be able to overcome Jones’s bag of tricks. But if he borrows from Seagal’s bag of tricks . . . . . ?????


  2. redphillips Post author

    It’s an intriguing match up because both men are very skilled but have very different body types. Maybe short and compact is what it is going to take to beat long and lanky.


  3. redphillips Post author

    I had it 3 rounds to 2 with Cormier winning rounds 2 and 3, but 3 was close. The judges all obviously saw 3 for Jones. But Jones won the rounds that he won more convincingly.

    I said this after Jones handled Teixeira convincingly and will say it again. If Jones can beat two hyped opponents like Teixeira and Cormier convincingly, how good does that mean Gustafsson is?

    Gustafsson fights Anthony Johnson soon. I hope he wins because I really want to see Gustafsson vs. Jones II.



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