My Response to Jack Hunter’s Latest TAC PC Lament

Jack Hunter, our former paleocon fellow traveler, is at it again, trying to atone for his past sins against the Church of PC, by throwing his past self and his past audience under the PC bus. I once remarked on a post on Jack’s Facebook page, that I didn’t think his conversion was sincere, and that he was just trying to get back in the good graces of respectable society. He got angry at my comment. I personally think it is hard to un-swallow the Red Pill once you have swallowed it, but for the sake of the argument, let’s assume that Jack really is sincere. Even if we grant that, does he not realize that his continuing to publicly and prominently proclaim his new found embrace of rightthink is unseamly? OK, we get it. You’re now a rightthinker. Now can we please move on? Isn’t there something to be said for the concept of letting your yes be yes and your no be no? I believe I read about that in this really important big Book one time. If he hasn’t convinced his left-wing and neocon PC critics by now, he never will. To continue this sort of public PC prostration is just shameless.

Jack is not without a legit point in his essay, which I concede below. A lot of conservatives’ alleged refusal to listen to blacks is because they are locked into a mindset of ideological color-blindness and follow PC rules pristinely. That’s not the same point Jack is making, but it’s related. But there is a way to make the point Jack was trying to make without PC clowning yourself. Unfortunately, he didn’t do so almost certainly because PC clowning himself was his intent. The trajectory of Jack’s pundit career is a real shame. He made good and thought provoking videos. It’s too bad paleodom has lost him.

Here is my reply to his article that I posted in the comments. So far it is still in moderation. We’ll see if it makes the cut:

Jack, there is nothing wrong with listening to blacks. There is nothing wrong with taking their concerns seriously. I don’t doubt that white cops “profile” and are quicker to assume criminal intent on the part of blacks, but I also don’t doubt that black cops do the same. But you can’t productively have this sort of conversation in isolation from the reality on the ground. And you can’t have it in a climate of PC where it is OK to say all sorts of negative things about whites and white cops but not OK to be honest about black behavior.

The plainly obvious fact that everyone knows is that blacks are grossly disproportionately responsible for crimes and have grossly disproportionately high rates of social pathology such as out-of-wedlock births, chronic unemployment, etc. The city of Ferguson and the surrounding parts of St. Louis County illustrate this. These areas used to be overwhelmingly middle class white and they were entirely pleasant places to live. But as the % of black residents grew, the whites “flighted.” So are all these white flighters racists, or are they realists? And I dare you to say they are racists because if your extended family is at all typical of other white South Carolina families, then it no doubt contains a lot of people who did the same thing.

So this profiling is not just because whitey is a big meany racists who doesn’t like black people. It’s reflects reality.

The problem with Ferguson, is that there was a narrative that developed early on that played perfectly into these black perceptions and the crusading PC media, which is always looking for stories that reinforce its mental framework of evil racist whitey doing a poor put-upon innocent black man wrong, ran with it and fanned the flames. And we know the media is crusading and agenda driven because it deliberately covers up incidents and race when they reinforce reality instead of the anti-white narrative.

But unfortunately for the PC warriors, the early narrative was wrong, as anyone who was willing to take a few deep breathes knew it had to be. The early narrative was not plausible to anyone who calmly examined it in the same way the UVA gang rape narrative or the Martin/Zimmerman case narrative were not plausible . They were too perfect. They were projections of PC fantasy about how the world is, not reliable re-tellings of how the world really is.

There may well be a problem with excessive use of force by police. In fact, I believe there is. But what there is not a problem with is evil racist white cops shooting black people for no good reason just because they are black which was essentially the early Ferguson narrative. Anyone who believes that is living in PC fantasy land. So the “he was running away” and “he had his hands up saying don’t shoot” narrative was never plausible.

The highly likely outcome of the investigation into the shooting was always going to be that the shooting was either legit or at least arguably legit, because almost all such shooting are. The likelihood that the investigation was going to reveal that “yeah, he did in fact shoot him in the back as he was running away with his hands up yelling don’t shoot” and that Wilson actually did act criminally or with reckless disregard for procedure was next to zero. If the Ferguson false narrative megaphones could have stepped back from their attempts to score PC brownie points and tried to be at least minimally objective, this was always a numbers game. Find me another example of evil racist white cop kills poor innocent black man for absolutely no good reason. Surely there must be many examples since white cops killing black people for the hell of it is supposedly all the rage these days if we listen to the MSM.

Contrary to the assertion that conservatives are tone death on race, most mainstream conservatives are exquisitely PC, although unlike the left, their PC manifests as ideological color-blindness, which they trumpet at every opportunity and wear as a badge of honor because they think it proves that they are even more pristine rightthinkers than the racial obsessives on the left who aren’t color-blind. But despite their protests of color-blindness, many will fall all over themselves to talk up and support black and ethnic pundits and candidates such as Ben Carson or Herman Cain or Ted Cruz or Bobby Jindal just to prove their “I’m not a racist” bona fides.

This may be changing somewhat as the rhetoric of the PC warriors becomes more and more extreme, but the backlash to Ferguson among white conservatives was primarily reactive. They’re sick of being told that black criminality and social pathology is their fault and all whites are evil racists, when they know better, so they got fed up and reacted. But very few mainstream conservatives are actually articulating a coherent response to the incessant PC message. For one reason because if they did they would risk becoming not mainstream. And in fact, they are dutifully playing by PC rules within their conservative color-blind context.

The idea that the primary lesson of Ferguson for conservative whites should be that they need to be less tone deaf on race is comically absurd. The real lesson of Ferguson to conservative whites that is so loud and clear it should be unmistakable, is that the MSM and the Powers the Be (what Steve Sailer has started to call the Megaphone) are intractably hostile to them and will jump on every opportunity they can to beat on whitey. What white conservatives need to learn is that they should stop playing by PC rules and they need to grow a spine and a pair of nads and stick up for themselves like they have some self-respect and stop acting like a bunch of PC whipped dogs forever in fear that someone, somewhere might accuse them of wrongthink.

17 thoughts on “My Response to Jack Hunter’s Latest TAC PC Lament

  1. J

    When we talk about brutality as a facet of over-policing is universal. And we should, definitely recognize there there is a larger context.

    For instance, Black males will find themselves under court supervision, and more than 1 in 3 at any given time from the ages of 18 to 30 will be in the court system.

    With criminal convictions not only comes being away from families and an interruption in the normal cycle of social and economic development, but also drastically decreased prospects and in many cases the loss of voting rights (a penalty initially created explicitly to affect Blacks), the loss of the ability to hold most professional and tradesman licenses (moral clauses which were also initially created for the explicit purpose to affect Blacks), the loss of access to student loans, and of course greatly reduced employment prospects.

    The Black unemployment is between two and three times the White unemployment rate, and the “real unemployment rate” (including those no longer eligible for unemployment benefits), is still even higher.

    Twenty-nine cities have five times the percentage of whites on the police force as the community; 23 cities have 3 times as many. Similar or higher percentages of teachers and top level government administrators is the rule.

    Jack Hunter could have added that nature of virtually all government spending was used to subsidized physical and social infrastructure, and private contracted government spending as well as enriching government hiring were practiced with deliberate disenfranchisement and exclusion of Blacks, Native Americans, etc.

    And to this we should add a broader conversation with a broader context that includes Whites as well.

    Just looking at the past century, the government on local, state and federal levels saw to it that independent economic growth in minority communities was assaulted in each generation, from the Red Summer years of 1917 to 1925, to the so-called urban renewal campaigns which literally destroyed businesses and stole homes and land without ever properly compensating those who lost their property in the middle of the last century.

    I for one tire of the talk of slavery– that peculiar and unique institution of race based, by-birth, chattel slavery whereby the government set the idea in place that there were people who were not people forced the masses to justify it through believing and justifying that there were people who were not people, just as land grab policies by the government made such beliefs apply toward Native Americans.

    The fact is that what is probably more relevant is neo-slavery, that surprisingly pervasive but undermentioned institution kept Blacks enslaved in a large swath of the country til WWII. And it was a governmental (judiciary and law enforcement) institution which gave rise to a the prison industrial complex of the last half century should come as no surprise.

    With this misuse of the judiciary and law enforcement came the ideas of the loss of civil rights such as voting for those convicted of crimes, and the emergence of “character and fitness” prohibitions against those convicted being able to join professions and trades. Both things were contemplated and introduced openly to prevent the participation of Blacks in trades and professions.

    But the North, which maintained a predominance of its incarcerate population for the later half of the 19th to the first half of the twentieth century for White immigrants, had unions that simply engaged in their own systemic and government supported discrimination, as White immigrant groups created corrupt political machines that put old stock Americans at a disadvantage (and of course we demonize groups like the “second generation” KKK which was nativist rather than anti Black BECAUSE it was nativist, as if such sentiments were ipso facto evil or wrong)

    At the end of the last century to this day, the advent of Rockefeller drug laws and minority policing turned our prisons black and brown and turned black and brown America into a prison or at least a half way house.

    Over policing, over prosecuting, over sentencing and over incarceration of a group of people who were living in a separate and unequally funded reality. What would anyone think the effects are of such policies that take almost a half of the males of the community??? And how can anyone calling themselves conservative approve of any part of this???

    Black who went en masse to urban centers where they were given something like opportunity by the Ford’s of the world were only to be undone by who?– the Leornad Millers, Eli Broads, Levitts, etc. of the world who used their cobbled together ethnic machines in servitude toward their own enrichment while government strangled cities through underfunding, sliced them up through networks of freeways and redevelopment programs. Where did the money go? To racially restricted suburbs to subsidize these “Chosen” developers. And in doing so to undercut the old stock rentier class.

    That the prison industrial complex, a profit making system, exists also to destroy families and communities is not at all surprising. But again, in total it is simply an assault on American society. And if one looks at the White population in prisons, it is virtually all of old stock White Americans. Yet here again, Whites allow themselves to be blinded by a mixture of resentment toward “White guilt”, and the desire to feel better by ignoring their own decline in ways absolute and relational; because it is easier to kick down than to fight that which is above.

    Anyone black, brown or red person who effectively resisted this was Cointelpro’d and hounded to an inch of his life if not locked away or murdered. Interestingly, many of these operations were carried out by the FBI in the name of nativist groups in the South (leaving a record of blood stains which we attribute to White Southerners even when records today show that some of the most notable and appalling acts of the mid twentieth century by groups such as the Klan, etc. were actually carried out by the government through the offices of the FBI, which in turn cynically prosecuted those same organizations. So the schadenfreude that some White Americans engage in when seeing peoples whom it had a long contentious history with has become simply something that blinds White Americans to their own decline and imminent demise.

    So while people of color spent a century red-lined, urban renewed, gentrified, predatory lent, underemployed and segregated and resegregated and policing Black and Brown Americans into hell… In the last few decades we actually opened our doors, government spending, universities and institutions, neighborhoods and access to capital to immigrants from around the world, telling them to jump on the trampoline of America’s long excluded and suffering minority underclass (reminding them to join in on the hatred and discrimination).

    Once need not be Henri Laborit to understand that for Blacks the greatest problem from all of this, over centuries, is the conditioning to decouple effort and cooperative-community with any reward.

    As we cycle 40% of our economy through government spending on all levels– federal, state, local, special administrative authorities– we cannot forget that less than a tenth of a percent of contracts on these contracts go to Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans combined. So the government is participating in redistribution. It is redistribution that hurts these communities. And more and more (though Whites remain stubbornly resistant to noticing) the redistribution is against the majority of Whites (gentiles) as well.

    After centuries of taking advantage of labor and land, or service as cannon fodder America has declared its historical minorities obsolete along with any attention to the historical and contemporary claims of justice. Too many Whites are happy to celebrate this pyrrhic victory. Today the US government will spend a trillion dollars for a wars for Israel before a Negro or Native American- and now before the majority of White Americans nets a single tax dollar.

    So here is the question: What will it take for Whites to realize that the government and the current political configuration is one that is not working toward their benefit? What will make Whites stop kicking down and kissing up even as they collectively slide down the ladder?


  2. weavercht

    Good post.

    Blacks often say they want to talk about race. But they never like when I start talking on it, lol.

    If whites don’t want to be perceived as “racist”, they should defend themselves.


  3. hawthornecht


    My friend, this is good for Jack Hunter, but it is sort of a same game joke. If the political Black Man wants to work with us on crime, or immigration, demonstrate it already. We are here and willing to work with you….do you hear the crickets on CHT or is it just me?


  4. weavercht

    Yea, the few blacks who try to work with conservatives get called “Uncle Tom”, though truly Obama is the real Uncle Tom. Obama’s illegal resident amnesty helped big business at the expense of blacks.


  5. Mike Donovan

    First off, I agree with everything you said. I really have come to hate “The American Conservative” over the last few years. Visiting the site and reading the headlines and comments have become a masochistic endeavor. They’ve become nothing more than a that calls itself “conservative.” What Jack Hunter and other ethnomasochist conservatives don’t realize is that sucking up to blacks and bending over for them won’t make them vote for you or like you. It also won’t make anyone more likely to be able to live together. Even the most ethnomasochist white liberals aren’t stupid enough to live in black neighborhoods and send their kids to predominantly black schools. All this is doing is making fence-sitter whites more openly racist. When I watch footage of blacks rioting or beating people up, I’m not thinking “Gee what can we do to understand blacks better.” I’m thinking “I’m done with this diversity crap. Let them have their neighborhoods to themselves and let’s find a way to get away from them.” I guarantee you(and I’m sure you agree) this is what most non SJW white people are thinking.
    My prediction: former “good” whites will become openly racist as they realize they will be accused of racism no matter what they do anyway.


  6. redphillips Post author

    “My friend, this is good for Jack Hunter, but it is sort of a same game joke. If the political Black Man wants to work with us on crime, or immigration, demonstrate it already. We are here and willing to work with you….do you hear the crickets on CHT or is it just me?”

    Hawthorne, you have confused me. Are you saying my assessment was good but is the same game, or that Jack’s article is good by his standards but is the same game?

    I’m willing to work with blacks where we share a common interest. I agree that there is a problem with police excess and oppose the militarization of police, but I’m reluctant to embrace the “movement” around that issue because a lot of it doesn’t reflect where I’m coming from. I believe the profession of police officer by its nature disproportionately attracts a certain type of temperament, but I also know that its easy to condemn things from the comfort of your desk, and a lot of police behavior arises from the reality of dealing with segments of society that most people don’t ever see.

    I think one law enforcement related issue where we could make common cause with blacks and PC libertarians that doesn’t have all the baggage that goes with cop bashing is on over charging to lengthen potential prison sentences and force plea bargains. Also, alternative sentencing with an emphasis on victim restitution. This is conservative and Biblical.


  7. redphillips Post author

    And yes, the comment activity does seem to be down recently. I don’t know if that is because of Christmas or the relative decrease in comments from certain old reliables. WordPress tracts views, so we can tell if actual site visits are down. I’m doing my part by tweeting out all my posts and posting certain ones on Facebook.

    I’m new to Twitter, but it seems to me that a problem with Twitter is that if you are following many people at all, your Twitter feed will quickly become unmanageable as a way of following a person, organization or site in particular, so who sees your Tweets is largely a matter of dumb luck unless you direct it at someone specifically. So some of my tweets I do twice. One as a generalize CHT tweet, and one directed at an interested party or parties or with a particular hashtag. Let me know if I’m reading this wrong.


  8. Christopher

    Jack Hunter views himself as a loyal Rand Paul soldier. I believe the backdrop for continuing these mea culpas is 2016. Paul’s name is again referenced with links by establishment columnists praising his “outreach” and “listening sessions.”

    Hunter is leaving a paper trail attempting (hoping) to inoculate Rand from the racism charge that the media lampooned his father with. This will not be the last of his, as Red stated, public PC prostrations.


  9. weavercht


    is getting Rand elected worth so much? Isn’t the Culture War more valuable, as well as arguing policies not candidates?

    Perhaps Hunter is valuable for stoking anger at himself, admittedly…


  10. Christopher

    I agree Weaver. This is simply my distant perception of Hunter.

    You will like this one Weaver as it sure takes the cake for 2014 most PC moment. A speech that never happened. Ha!

    “It was a mistake I regret, and I emphatically oppose the divisive racial and religious views groups like these hold. I am very disappointed that anyone would try to infer otherwise for political gain.” House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-Louisiana

    Article: David Duke adviser says Steve Scalise didn’t actually speak at a white nationalist conference, Slate reports


  11. Matt

    Hunter’s article is necessary, and his point is entirely valid. There’s a few elements at play here. One is the historic apathy of white people about black people and their problems. Another is the blatant double standard by which Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton get dismissed as resentment-stoking opportunists while Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh don’t. Yet another is the reflexive defense of the police by whites, who are so terrified of feral blacks running amok that they’ll overlook nearly any abuse to avoid it. You can even throw in the refusal of so many whites to just label slavery a monumental evil that had to be ended, opting instead to hem and haw about states’ rights and King Lincoln or change the subject to abortion or debt (the “real slavery”!).

    Blacks are in an interesting position today. Their lives aren’t terrible anymore with the end of segregation and worse, but they are still informally set apart and largely ignored by mainstream white society and, it must be said, occasionally abused. Chris Rock referred to America as being like the uncle that paid your way through college, but then molested you on the side. Ironically, the progress made actually blunts their further attempts at activism, as abject poverty and constant mistreatment make for a much more sympathetic case than “kinda sorta maybe 70% participants in society”.


  12. William Gaunt

    What I would like is for conservatives explicitly to promote the interests of white Americans.

    Isn’t it odd how black dysfunction, that so-called “legacy of slavery,” only seems to get worse the further away in time we move from the era in which slavery actually existed? The wisdom and the justice of those civilizing constraints our Southern forefathers placed on the black population are demonstrated by the explosion in black dysfunction and criminality that has occurred each time those constraints have been removed. This is a hard truth for many Americans to endure, but the truth doesn’t require your assent to be true.

    What we have to realize is that the identity of white Americans and that of non-whites are fundamentally incompatible. This is particularly true in the South. A white Southerner, if he isn’t a deracinated scalawag who hates his own ancestors, must look back on the history of his region, and of its defense by the soldiers of the Confederacy, with unmixed pride. A black in the South has very different feelings about that same history, as is only natural.

    In such a situation, there is only one question: Whose identity and whose sense of history will prevail? The managerial state, which rightly views white identity as an impediment to its power, has seen to it that only the anti-white identity and the anti-white sense of history have become acceptable. Perhaps it is time to do something about this?


  13. hawthornecht


    The historic grievances within paleodom, or really Alt Right, Catholic, Prots, Pagans, Southron, Copperhead, Yankee, Irish/English, Continental are far more legitimate then the albeit several difficult generations the historic American black man experienced in the United States. All of us would like to see the historic American black man work with us on a basic issue like immigration–but there is barely a peep and no A level personalities. Even the B listers are Uncle Tom’s carrying water for the Establishment. And that is where we disagree with Jack Hunter, Rand Paul outreach and so forth.


  14. weavercht


    you don’t seem capable of addressing how blacks might be at fault themselves.

    Anyway, blacks have a far greater double standard, though it’s of course natural that a group would be somewhat biased towards its own people.

    I want to secede so liberals like you can enjoy a Brazilian paradise of gated communities amidst a sea of favelas while a sane white polity somewhere in the US can enjoy just living as human without utopian delusions and resulting dystopian nightmare.

    If you want to go off and murder a billion foreigners in some insane war, then import another billion foreigners from the same lands as new “Americans”… that’s your affair. Why hold the rest of us hostage? Communism has a bloody past, yet that past is rarely mentioned. Continue the slaughter in Iraq if you lust for murder and “American greatness”, but leave the rest of us alone.


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