Ann Coulter on the UVA Gang Rape That Didn’t Happen

Ann Coulter is right about the UVA rape hoax. We can’t let go of this UVA gang rape that didn’t happen until the left admits it was a hoax, rather than saying “we don’t know what did or didn’t happen.” Yes we do know what didn’t happen. A gang rape at the Phi Psi fraternity didn’t happen.

We now know that Jackie concocted a scheme to ensnare a guy who she had the hots for. And this thing is getting weirder and weirder by the day. Now it turns out that her love letter to her would-be boyfriend was plagiarized.

So before anyone moves on from UVA, we need to get it in writing that this case was a hoax. Jackie’s got to apologize to the fraternity; UVA’s president has to not only apologize, but pay restitution to the Greek system for shutting it down for an entire semester; and Rolling Stone authoress Sabrina Rubin Erdely has got to swear that she will never, ever write again.

5 thoughts on “Ann Coulter on the UVA Gang Rape That Didn’t Happen

  1. Rick

    How can those accused of sexual assault prove consent under ‘yes means yes’?

    The accused (the man) can’t. That’s the whole point. Feminists want to be able to destroy men in private courts with a preponderance of evidence standard. Why? Cause they know they can’t make false rape claims stick, in a real criminal court, based on reasonable doubt. With a preponderance of evidence standard, women will be able to expel men from college through false accusations alone. The whole point of ‘yes means yes’ is to lower the standard of proof and give women the ability to destroy men on a whim, through kangaroo courts, whose primary purpose is to stack the deck in women’s favor. Who are the majority of teachers? Women. Who are the majority of students? Women? What’s the goal of feminism? To destroy male power (the patriarchy). It’s all so simple.

    To destroy the patriarchy, which is and has always been the stated goal of feminists, one must destroy male power. To destroy male power, one must emasculate men. How best to emasculate men?

    (1) Remove men’s rights to presumption of innocence and due process. Force men into no win situations.

    (2) Redefine rape as any contact a woman doesn’t like at any given point in time. Allow women to decide if a rape took place months, years or decades later.

    (3) Use words like “affirmative consent” knowing you can deny consent was ever given whenever you so choose.

    (4) Create a law that allows women to remove men from their homes just by claiming to be afraid.

    (5) Force men to pay for children they don’t want, but allow women carte blanche over the decision to kill the fetus (my body, my choice, your wallet).

    (6) Create laws that allow men to be expelled from college based on accusations alone.

    (7) Create laws that give women preferential treatment in employment, and many times the funding for their health and welfare.

    (8) Create environments and institutions that are hostile towards men from birth to death (marriage, no-fault divorce, child support, alimony, education, employment).

    (9) Pull horrifying statistics out of thin air that paint all men as rapists and wife beaters, while painting women as innocent victims and martyrs. Regardless of how much evidence exists to the contrary, never admit how blatantly false the statistics are. Repeat falsehoods often enough and everyone will eventually hold the falsehoods up as gospel.

    (10) Fill the media with denigrating images of men and positive images of women. Destroy men’s spirit through all forms media brainwashing. Use all forms of media to shame men into manning up at a women’s behest. Use the media to publicly shame and destroy any man that acts against women’s demands. Praise through the media men that act like good little white knights.

    The end goal of the above steps are to train men as you would train a dog. Reward good behavior. Ruthlessly punish bad behavior by men – which is any behavior by men that women deem unacceptable at any given moment. What does this mean? It means giving women the ability to redefine any sexual encounter as rape if the woman in question is displeased for any reason – both during and after (months or years after) the encounter.

    Jesse Matthew started his killing spree after he was expelled via university kangaroo court. I expect to see a lot more like him in the future.


  2. Kirt Higdon

    Rick makes some very good points. A friend and business acquaintance of mine decades ago said to me, “Schools are run by women for women.” At the time, it struck me as a somewhat curious remark and it stuck in my memory. I think he was far more prescient than he ever could have imagined at the time.


  3. redphillips Post author

    Rick, I just sent an email to the email you supplied. I don’t know if it is a real email or not. It’s OK if it isn’t. I don’t really expect everyone to put their actual email address, although we never collect them or use them for any purpose. I want to post your comment separately if that is OK with you.

    Let me know. Thanks.



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