This UVA rape/Jackie story just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Haven Monahan, a name that apparently no one in the United States actually has, is the name Jackie gave to her imaginary suitor that she was using to reverse catfish “Randall” (actually Ryan) and make him jealous. This story could not be worse for the PC left. But now that it has been essentially conceded that the whole UVA rape thing didn’t happen, the press has grown conspicuously silent on reporting the details.

We have to make #IBelieveInHavenMonahan trend.

Here is what I don’t get. Jackie is obviously pretty smart. They don’t let dummies in UVA, and it is reasonable to infer from what we know that she was accepted to Brown (unless that was a lie). But she must also at the same time be a complete blithering idiot to think it would be a good idea to send a text to her would be beau from the guy who allegedly lured her into a room to be gang raped. How could his reaction be anything other than “Ummm… aren’t you the guy who RAPED MY FRIEND!!!” Bizarre does not begin to describe this. My hunch is that these two friends were on to her pretty quickly, but are not saying so outright because she is still their friend. At this point both of them would also have to be blithering idiots not to have figured out what happened. Their equivocations strike me as people who just don’t want to come out and state the obvious.

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