Who watched the main event of last night’s UFC on Fox? It was a great fight, but the decision was awful. Just awful.

Taken as a whole, I didn’t even think the fight was that close. I had three sons watching with me. They thought Stipe, who they were rooting for, won easily. Going into the decision I had no doubt that Miocic would win. He pushed the action. He landed the harder punches. He went for some take downs, getting a few, and usually when not bullying Dos Santos into the cage. And Dos Santos’ face was a mess in comparison to Stipe’s.

The decision was unanimous. 48-47, 49-46 and 49-46 for Dos Santos. That’s insane. When they announced the 2 49-46 scores I was even more sure Miocic had won. There is no way anyone could see Dos Santos winning 4 of the 5 rounds.

Miocic clearly won round 1 and 2. Dos Santos probably won round 3. He arguably won round four. Five was close, but I had it pretty clearly for Stipe. So at best, giving the judges the benefit of the doubt, you could have it 48-47 for Dos Santos if you give him rounds 3-5. But 49-46? That means you had to give either round 1 or 2 to Dos Santos. What fight were they watching? I had it 49-46 Miocic, maybe 48-47 if you give JDS a lot of credit for the take down in 4. (I hope I’m remembering this right.) But no way did JDS win that fight and this is more obvious if you get away from scoring the rounds and just judge the fight as a whole.

For the record, I was rooting for Stipe because he’s an American (of Croatian decent) and a multi-sport athlete. I don’t have anything against Junior Dos Santos. I just don’t want to see another Cain Velasquez vs. JDS championship match. But I can see past my rooting interests. Last week I was rooting for Lawler, but I actually thought Hendricks won their fight. But at least that fight was debatable. The judges and some commentators apparently didn’t give Hendricks much credit for going for Lawler’s legs and then just hanging on. But that fight was superficially close. I think the Miocic Dos Santos fight was close in the sense that there were no near finishes and no one totally dominated, but Miocic was clearly the winner.

Off topic, I would be open to limiting heavy weight bouts to 3 rounds even if they are main events and championship fights. 5 round heavyweight fights are often called “wars” because by the final two rounds both fighters are spent cardio wise and have lost significant punching power and defense so they end up slugging each other or going to the ground and laying there, too spent to do much. Just standing there trading blows is where head injuries happen.

4 thoughts on “STIPE MIOCIC WAS ROBBED! #UFCPhoenix

  1. Kirt Higdon

    I disagree. I think Stipe won 1 and 2 and JDS won 3,4, and 5. Still it was pretty close, certainly not 49-46. All in all it was a good card and I’m glad Dos Anjos beat Nate Diaz so severely. If and when Cain makes a comeback, he’ll first fight against Werdum for unification of the belt and if he wins, then maybe he’ll fight JDS again or maybe in the meantime there will have been a JDS/Travis Browne fight. Notwithstanding what I think was a close, but fair victory, JDS did not actually look all that good. But Stipe seemed even more tired, especially in the later rounds, probably because he’s never gone 5 before. I like both of these fighters. I was marginally rooting for JDS, who is my favorite of men’s MMA fighters, but I would not have been disappointed if Stipe had won.


  2. Kirt Higdon

    BTW, with respect to the Hendricks/Lawler fight, Hendricks use an extreme version of exactly the wrestling tactic I objected to in a previous post on the grounds that it would not be realistic in an actual fight. In a real fight, Hendricks would have been killed or rendered paraplegic by blows to the spine. Maybe the judges also disliked the use of this sissy wrestling tactic against a striker who is prohibited by the rules from what would be the natural retaliation.


  3. Kirt Higdon

    Not necessarily so. On the streets and in alleys you have fences and walls and parked cars. In a bar you have walls and, well, a bar.



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