Watch PC Mental Gymnastics in Action Regarding #UVAHoax

Normally we get to read PC mental contortions, like the reason that most of the men cat-calling the New York video lady were POCs is because of white privilege and racist editors. Here is a rare chance to view it in action. If you look hard enough, I’m pretty sure you can see smoke coming out of her ears, a result of her intellectual gears grinding against reality.

Everyone who has followed this story at all knows that Jackie’s account has completely fallen apart, except, apparently, her fellow liberal activists at UVA. And this girl is a doctoral student? What is she getting a doctorate in, intellectual buffoonery? I hope she does a better job defending her dissertation than she did with this shameful display or they may want to take her undergrad degree away from her instead of give her a doctorate.

2 thoughts on “Watch PC Mental Gymnastics in Action Regarding #UVAHoax

  1. redphillips Post author

    Y’all see what my increasingly social media savvy self just did there, don’t you? I included the hash tag in the tittle so it would go to the right place when I auto tweeted this post out. Bamm!



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