Red Dawn 2 in Bizarro World?

The original Red Dawn, the first PG-13 movie, with Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen et al, is one of my favorite movies, and watching it with my eldest son (the younger son will have to wait a few more years) for the first time together, was more emotional then I realized it would be. It was the first movie he saw where most of the leads,  get killed—trust that isn’t a spoiler. He was asking the right questions.

I just said, “I know, I know.”

News of a Red Dawn sequel a few years back was not greeted well by me. It was the sort of thing I assumed I would never want to see—like the updated Conan. But I did catch the story that after a China firm bought Sony, the movie had to be redone–at request/order of the new owners– to take out the Chinese as the invading army, and replace them with North Korea.
Thus, I caught with interest, the #GOP hacker reports regarding stopping Sony from releasing what is essentially an updated “Spies Like Us”, only the bumbling Americans are instructed to kill Kim Jong Un.

The movie, The Interview , directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (anyone detecting something yet?) may or may not be the real target, but it would seem, at least by popular understanding, that North Korea doesn’t possess the hacker class capable of such a sophisticated IT infiltration. (Do they? Did NK outsource? Other players? Rogue and gonzo marketing ploy?)

The GOP moniker alone enters the realm of esoterica, and the suggestions of other agendas are slow to materialize—at least on my modest search.
Keep an eye on it.  I am going with Inside Job.

4 thoughts on “Red Dawn 2 in Bizarro World?

  1. weavercht

    China is famous for its hackers, as is Israel. Both have been leaders for many years. It seems eastern Europe, especially Russia, is also big now.

    I doubt North Korea has many hackers.


  2. roho

    North Korea needs to buy an LST before they invade anybody not bordering their shitty little hamlet.

    I think the first “Red Dawn” was Russian and Cubans invading?……Maybe the new film will be Saudi Sheiks invading Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, the IMF, and World Bank?

    With Putin leading them………LOL!


  3. Mike Donovan

    This post got me nostalgic, and so I dusted off my old Red Dawn dvd and watched it while eating a cheeseburger. The Soviets were a formidable enemy to be sure, but our battle against the visitors in V was tougher.



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