AzzBlaster and Grahmnesty Conservatism

The well documented reports and tetrabytes of folklore, regarding the supreme conspiracy, that we are indeed ruled by Occultist with a predilection for child snatching and sodomy of the anal sort as a sort of initiation rite, has been around for the life of the Internet, and certainly, its modern form came from the then Moonie funded Washington Times whose ace reporter, Paul Rodriguez, broke the story on a George H.W. Bush White House male prostitution scandal (one to be repeated in the W. Bush years)—side note, the Moon money (and other Asian outlets) essentially funded the Super Patriot version of the Rightwing (and worked closely with PATCON agents) under the banner of the World Anti-Communist League.

The release of the Senate torture report this week was well handled (exoterically) by Bill Antle at the American Conservative.

Howls by Grahmnesty rightwingers (McCain to his credit remains anti-torture) and neocons who screamed like little girls there would be blood in the street (failing to mention we work with AQ now in Syria) notwithstanding, the story seems to have already played out the news cycle—and Obama/Holder had promised years ago not to prosecute even blatant destruction of evidence charges.

The Senate report reveals that a consulting firm consisting of two psychologists (point 3 on link) who designed the program (paid some $80 million) suggested the sodomy torture be used on detainees.

Anyway, why aren’t the two psychologists being named? Where were they trained in the arts of ass blasting torture?  One might start to think the grand conspiracy is true.
I was reminded of Abu Gharib and the mysterious John Israel.

That and the appearance of Super Patriot, General Boykin as an architect for Abu Gharib, and possibly, a player in Afghanistan (see below) who had also called for gassing the women and children at Waco and is certainly aware that Delta Force was at Waco.

ABUL, Afghanistan, Sept. 15 – Three Americans were sentenced here on Wednesday to 8 to 10 years in prison for running a private jail and torturing prisoners, after a panel of three Afghan judges rejected their claim that they were working for a Pentagon counterterrorist group led by Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, the deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence. NY Times 9/2004

I did a previous post, now lost on Super Patriot General Paul Vallely, who worked in the Bush Administration as a Pentagon Pundit and was last seen rallying the ISIS, err-Syrian rebels, in Syria (how is that legal?), and his association (e.g. they published a paper together on Mind War) with one Michel Aquinos—a military intellectual, employed by the Pentagon, and an out and about Satanist, investigated at the time in the Presidio molestation case. I won’t repeat it hear, but just note that the torture report certainly strengthens the folklore tales.

2 thoughts on “AzzBlaster and Grahmnesty Conservatism

  1. roho

    What would one expect from a nation that still teaches that Christopher Columbus was the first to discover America.

    Any lies told for more than a decade can not be changed as a result of something as silly as truth.



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