7 thoughts on “Vote in this Red State Poll

  1. Christopher

    Since this is a non-binding GOP presidential straw poll I voted for the most non-interventionist candidate Rand Paul. I did vote for Ron Paul in the 2008 primary which was the last and final GOP primary I will participate in.

    In past general elections for president I voted Dole (R), Phillips (Con), Peroutka (Con), Baldwin (Con) and Miller (AFP).

    The AFP and CP speak to me.


  2. weavercht

    Excellent choices Christopher.

    I’m embarrassed to say I voted Romney most recently. I thought him better than Obama, though I do love Obama for the reaction-value and continue to believe McCain would have been worse. Otherwise, I voted the same, though you’re older than I (more voting years).

    NumbersUSA says it needs to gather 56K within the next few days.

    It is incredible that so many Democrats view mass immigration as opposing “rich white men” and “big business”. Basically, with enough money, you can brainwash the masses to believe anything.

    People actually believe in democracy and in populism? And the ones hardest hit are the blacks, who of course back the mass immigration. This amnesty would be hilarious if not so serious…

    The public doesn’t seem to even associate the word “amnesty” with legalising immigrant status either. Most do not know the word, so perhaps a different one should be used.


  3. redphillips Post author

    I have decided to write in Rep. Jimmy Duncan when I only have one option. My thought is that it is probably more powerful to suggest a reasonably plausible candidate than it is to suggest an obviously Quixotic message candidate.



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