UVA Gang Rape Author Earlier Wrote an anti-Catholic Hit Piece of Dubious Credibility

Well what do you know?

Take a look at a list of the author’s articles. See here and here. They are consistently comically PC outrage pieces. She is clearly a social justice warrior type, although she doesn’t seem to realize that most SJWs are a bit younger than her. I assume the reason that most SJWs are young is because they haven’t really grown up yet, as demonstrated by their emotional immaturity and ¬†estranged relationship with the real world, and gotten productive jobs. Erdely, however, is old enough to know better and understand that babbling about rape culture and white privilege is intellectually unserious.

If her every article must be a leftist ax-grind, she needs to move on. Maybe write something about the decline of the middle class, even among those white privileged types, and attempt to be a real journalist, not some pseudo-sophisticated feature length PC propaganda that on inspection is really nothing but an expanded version of Jezebel style PC outrage clickbait.

Grow up Erdely.


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