Major Shakeup at The New Republic

Big changes are being made at The New Republic. Two editors out. Staff cut-backs. Decrease from 20 magazines a month to 10. Moving to NYC from Washington, DC. (Because there aren’t enough magazines out of New York I guess.) Transition to more of a “digital media company.”

Here is a little background from a few weeks ago.

I don’t know if this is just a manifestation of the fact that the economics of small circulation political magazines is not tenable these days, or if there is more to it. But small magazine like this just about have to have a large patroon or patroons.

TNR, while not “crazy liberal” like The Nation or Mother Jones, is generally the worst of both worlds from our perspective. They are liberal and hawkish on foreign policy.

3 thoughts on “Major Shakeup at The New Republic

  1. brandon adamson

    I hate The New Republic. I don’t see how these political print mags are sustainable anymore. They just can’t keep up with the real time interactive discussion. Young people today don’t subscribe to print magazines. I worked with a guy who was in his mid 20’s, and he had to ask someone to show him how to mail a letter. He had never done it before. True story.


  2. weavercht

    I subscribe to Candour and also Chronicles. They’re worth the cost to me. And I get TOQ indirectly, um by paying but not a subscription. Middle American News used to be good, though it went out of print.

    I don’t mail many letters at all – no.

    I’ve subscribed to architecture magazines – wasn’t impressed. I’d like to subscribe to an archaeology magazine maybe. I’ve cancelled historical mags I subscribed to.

    National Geographic can be good sometimes, but I don’t subscribe. I would pay for a right-wing magazine, even if produced by another culture or race. I generally enjoy traditions, culture, that sort of thing. I cannot tolerate universalism, globalism, glorification of science, impiety, etc. A tech mag could be good *if* it didn’t glorify the power of science as having no negatives and the concept of progress as a straight line and “rational”. An astronomy mag could be good.

    The English Folk Dance Society might have a good mag. I used to have a list of mags I’d consider subscribing to, but the list vanished – ah vanished from another site, not this one. It’s tough being a traditionalist or whatever you want to label it. I like “left-wing” nature lovers when they’re not talking about mixing all the races and ending traditions/religions.

    I doubt New Republic could write anything that would interest me except an article against mass immigration. And I’ll inevitably be further to the Right always on immigration.


  3. roho

    Print is like the typewriter…………………….Dead.

    I was with the 5th largest publishing company in the US when the internet killed us……I don’t even extend my hand for free print.



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