Ann Coulter Hammers Rand Paul on Black Crime

The charitable view of Rand Paul’s outreach to blacks is that he is simply attempting to inoculate himself against charges of racism and make himself less scary to them, but doesn’t really thinks his outreach is going to get him a lot of votes. If he actually thinks it’s going to get him a lot of black votes, then he is just a fool.

The uncharitable view, which is the one I hold, is that he is reinforcing PC narratives, and setting himself up for ridicule from both the left and the right. These concerns greatly outweigh the potential benefits listed above.

Here Ann Coulter illustrates my point. She takes an unnecessary swipe at Rand’s dad, but otherwise levels Rand because he set himself up to be leveled. If Rand is serious about becoming President, he needs to rethink this strategy, because come primary time he is going to get pounded for this silliness. The other candidates won’t do it, but conservative commentators will. Rand talking about people being in jail just because they are black is a lot like Mike Dukakis putting on a tank helmet or Lamar Alexander wearing a red flannel shirt. It lends itself to parody because it is parody.

2 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Hammers Rand Paul on Black Crime

  1. hawthornecht

    It’s not a bad column, but lets keep in mind her roll here. Her lover boy, Romney is also in the cycle, telling Republicans to bend over on Amnesty so Ann has reason to distract.


    1. weavercht

      Republicans are good for one thing only: Reducing immigration.

      If Romney can’t even do that, bring on the Democrat!!

      And yea, I’m treating Rand as “unRepublican”, because let’s face it: The world sees him as Libertarianesque. His popularity is supposed to be based upon his being different, principled regardless of whether one agrees with those principles in full.

      Libertarians can go after the Fed and Department of Defence, undermine the NSA, end war, decentralise the US, weaken the Presidency, and hopefully slow the collapse of the US – giving time for a movement.

      Democrats can speak their support for anti-war, America First trade, and higher wages while openly betraying all promises – crushing Middle America in the process. Democrats make great symbolic opponents. When the US falls, it needs to be “Because of the liberals/socialists/globalists”. We don’t need confused “Conservatives did it” claims. The masses are stupid enough as is.



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