The Wrong Lessons of Ferguson

Civil service jobs, the recently heralded as of just a year back, “first responders,” have been a key part of ethnic minority immigrant imports for a century. Some ethnics (e.g. the Irish) were particularly well suited for the work, maintaining the power balance between rival ethnics competing for real estate, and, from an Old Stock contra-position, exploiting the system for wages, pensions, vacations, while elevating the alleged risk and protecting a system of patronage and corruption.
With the liberal (in this context the political coalition between elites and non-white racial minorities) push in the 70s, the Civil Service, in this case the police could lose their spot for attempting to enforce the law in the black neighborhoods and chose the thinking man’s solution: stop policing those neighborhoods. Go park the car in some deserted locale and only respond to after-the-fact crimes. Of course, crime exploded, and Dirty Harry, and Charles Bronson made a lot of money. (It should be noted that Dirty Harry refused to do the Zebra Murders, and instead the culprit was a white psychopath who paid a guy to beat him up for a police brutality case, and the next episode dealt with a police execution team. Bronson, Amero-Indian war vet, of course was the man.)
Rudy Giuliani, when he became mayor, changed little but demanded the police actually fulfill some of their shifts—rather than sit in a parking lot. Further, to deal with the ethnic realities, Affirmative Action on civil service exams was required to insure the proper ethnic was policing the proper neighborhood and preventing what happened in Ferguson. (Paleos, libertarians, and conservatives, are all against Affirmative Action right? It starts to fall apart.) When someone points out that say, it was Irish and an American black cop in the infamous 41 shots—against a recent African import (all blacks are the same?) you might start to get the point.

It should also be noted that Rudy Guiliani was close with organized crime, including the “Russian” Maffia.
Ferguson, Missouri, is a cauldron of races, some native, some recent. That an Asian store owner was robbed means only that Asians are more likely to support the civil service—but they don’t like Affirmative Action any more than whites, so we are back at the log jam, in which case one must look at the training the next generation of civil servants are receiving, and how lacking it obviously is.
Officer Wilson, by trying to enforce protection of property rights, on a neighborhood that didn’t want it, set off an expensive powder keg—and for what? What kind of training is that?

The conclusion, the lesson, is for ethnics to police their own neighbors, and prevent these made for television confrontations, and the 10-Minutes of Liberal Flatulence.

At the meta level, it is clear why the the State supports the police, as in cases of brutality.  If they fail to do so, it’s back to the parking lots and lost elections.  It’s easy to say one supports a well armed citizenry, and expect them to defend their own damned property, but it’s harder to get a jury to not indict.

10 thoughts on “The Wrong Lessons of Ferguson

  1. roho

    Ferguson was a “Community Organizer’s War Game”…………….What did they learn?

    1. MSM liberal media will support the Marxist agenda.
    2. 100 mile radius Rednecks will not converge on the area.
    3. Intervening “Black Panthers” with the leadership of Al Sharpton can control the rioting.
    4. State Government controllers of the National Guard will not interfere for political ambitions.
    5. Local law enforcement will surrender authority to thugs and Federal Government agencies.
    6 Like the Trayvon incident in Florida, speedy movement of Marxist Leaders can imput the outcome.

    Nothing more than a test ground for a larger city in the future.

    Detroit, Atlanta, Oakland, Memphis, etc, will be next.

    The POTUS is testing the Battlefield just as a NATO commander would?

    Alcorn is no different than ISIL was in it’s early stages. (Grassroots organization in the early stages.)


    1. hawthornecht Post author

      1) I lean Ferguson was a re-election strategy that provided itself.

      2) The rednecks did come down:–abc-news-topstories.html

      In light of my post, the civil service does not like the Rednecks–see my point about Old Stock feelings about the civil service.

      3) Local law enforcement will surrender to the Feds, sure, so they don’t have to do anything.

      4) Your point 4 is what a sheriff is all about. A politically elected figure who enforces the laws the locals want enforced.



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