Is the UVA Gang Rape Story a Lie?

Have you been following the UVA gang rape story? I planned to post about it earlier but never got around to it. If you haven’t been following it, there was a long (9000 word) article in Rolling Stone about a female who alleges she was gang raped at a UVA fraternity as part of a fraternity initiation ritual. The story has sparked outrage and repercussions on campus, but is it true.

More and more people are beginning to question the story.

See here for a general overview.

This seems to be the main article that raised doubts.

Steve Sailer isn’t buying it.

Someone at Reason is skeptical?

When I first read the story, it didn’t pass the smell test to me. There is a lot of amateur sleuthing going on in the comment sections of the articles, a lot of it focused on the allegedly broken glass table. I’m less focused on the minor details and more focused on the whole narrative. Taken together, it just does not seem credible to me. A girl is lured to the frat house by her date. Is taken to a room, and there is essentially turned over to several guys who proceed to gang rape her as part of a fraternity initiation ritual. She leaves the frat house and runs into three friends who essentially dissuade her from going to the police because it might hurt their social prospects. The administration on campus is less than helpful. The same administration that is now bending over backwards to respond to the Rolling Stone article. Two of the people involved, her date obviously and one of the rapists she recognized, were known to her. And now this woman who is never named is supposedly an anti-rape activist or something like that. It strains credulity to say the least. Maybe something happened to this woman and she embellished it. Maybe the whole thing is a lie. Both, IMO, are more likely than that the story is true as she told it.


19 thoughts on “Is the UVA Gang Rape Story a Lie?

  1. Matthew

    You think this gang rape is a feminist false flag?

    Demonize men…
    Undermine the natural family order…
    Introduce a global communist totalitarian government headed by an anti-Christ dictator…

    …seems like a reasonable, although Satanic, way to go about things.


  2. roho

    I’m a bit too old to weigh in on the subject of Milinneal Generation Campus Rape these days. However, my 24 year old niece informed me that no one in her sorority went out at night on campus alone. She said that it really was at an epidemic stage on campus. Even in a classy Sorority House, with her mother visiting, she had to load her gun as some drunk guys were beating on the door in the hall?…………….Now married and working with special needs children, I have no reason to disbelieve her. We’re in the Bible Belt but booze changes amateur drinkers.

    She claimed to know a number of rape victims that never reported it.

    Lucky for them they never got in the room…….She shoots a 300 Win Mag like a big boy!


  3. brandon adamson

    I don’t doubt that rapes are common on college campuses, especially now that there are so many feral black athletes being admitted. However, there’s nothing to support this story. If UVA wasn’t so PC whipped they could sue for the damage to their reputation. I can see why some women would’t want to come forward, but coming forward and naming names is the price you have to pay if you expect anyone to have to take the story seriously. These stories are disturbing in that we are being expected to believe rape accusations without demanding any sort of proof no matter what and publicly shamed if we have the audacity to merely question them. That is more frightening to me than any “rape culture.”


  4. weavercht


    I don’t disagree.

    I don’t like how parents are so trusting with the system though. Whites are far too trusting.

    Deep down I suppose there’s something peaceful about doing as everyone else does and expects, but I couldn’t sleep, for worry, if I had a daughter off at school.

    The blacks are far worse, but many white boys are corrupted too. And I think girls are more sensitive than are boys. The girls risk more permanent damage.

    I don’t believe in populism exactly, so I suppose an order is needed to protect whites. Jews have Judaism, so perhaps we need our own little groups to protect us. No one should be at the mercy of the greater US society.


    1. brandon adamson

      I don’t have a daughter so I can’t claim to have the same perspective, and I imagine I would be protective if I did. However, I’ve been acquainted with enough young millennial women to know that many of them are sociopathic and opportunistic degenerates and often much more sexually active than men. I also live relatively close to Arizona State University, and I see what kind of ratchet goes on there. I don’t really disagree with anything you said. I just don’t believe in this whole rape culture thing.

      The new definition of rape that these young girls have is a bit like the definition of racism in that it has been expanded greatly to include practically any awkward sexual activity. If a girl gets drunk, takes a couple of mollies and does a bunch of coke and then has sex with a guy, and he ignores her later or she gets a bad reputation from it, she will call it “rape.” “He practically raped me,” was something I used to always hear girls say in the mid 90s, whenever a bunch of people made her feel bad about someone she decided to sleep with. That was 20 years ago. Now the world is even crazier than that.



  5. hawthornecht

    LOL, sure White Girls don’t know the game. Go check stats and see who in college is more celibate.

    Keep your daughter from the slaughter, of course, but lets cease with the white knight pretense as it regards the modern women–on the pill–flushing their unborn down the toilet as if nothing ever happened.


    1. weavercht

      In defence of white knights: Women are more vulnerable to the mass culture too.

      They shouldn’t vote, and the culture should encourage them to be more celibate. If they choose otherwise, fine. But I’ve seen some anyway who get hurt as a result. Women are just weaker in general.

      They have some strengths over men in areas, but I don’t believe in complete equality.


  6. Eddy Randazzo

    I can’t strictly comment that this case is fake.but I agree with the fact that most of the time it happens.Actually there is a mere lining to check out the truth,which may not be viewable by naked eyes and we only believe rumours many time.


  7. redphillips Post author

    In the TakiMag article there is a link to a letter to the newspaper that the alleged victim wrote. It is in defense of one of the Deans that is getting a hard time in the media. The girl admits that she has struggled with mental problems and admits to using the Dean as basically a therapist. It comes off as very bizarre to me.


    1. brandon adamson

      She seems like a total nutjob. Willing to bet the whole thing is made up. Some kind of weird delusion in her mind. The key element is the .”broken glass.” Anyone who as ever stepped on even a tiny shard of glass would realize there is no way people would be having sex on top of a shattered glass table.



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