Rudy Giuliani Getting Ferguson Right

File this under “giving credit where credit is due.” I’m not a big fan of Giuliani because of his foreign policy hawkishness and his social liberalism. I was especially ticked at him when he grandstanded in the debate against Ron Paul on the issue of blowback. (Which actually ended up backfiring on him significantly.) But you can’t deny that the guy has a pair of nads. Twice recently he has defied the mob on Michael Brown.

First, he went after the “black lives don’t matter” mantra by pointing out the very high black on black crime rates, which the PC peddlers don’t riot about. Importantly, once he said it, he stood his ground. The worse thing you can do when combating the forces of PC is give ground. Of course the liberals went bonkers, but I saw at least two stories from liberal or mainstream (same thing) sources saying that … well … ummm … Giuliani was right.

Now he makes a point publicly that I have been making all along. The case against Officer Wilson should have never even gone to the grand jury. He should have been clear before it, because there clearly was no case. Fort the record, once again, yours truly is a “thought leader.” That sound you hear is me patting myself on the back. 😉

…former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani said on Sunday that prosecutors shouldn’t have tried to indict him in front of a grand jury in the first place. Doing so, according to Giuliani, was political theater.

“I don’t see how this case normally would even have been brought to a grand jury,” said Giuliani, a former prosecutor, on Fox News Sunday. “This is the kind of case—had it not had the racial overtones and the national publicity—where a prosecutor would have come to the conclusion that there is not enough evidence to present to the grand jury.”

On a related “giving credit where credit is due” note, I don’t have much use for Rep. Peter King (R-NY) because he is an uber-hawk, but he stirred the Michael Brown pot recently as well, by suggesting that Obama should invite Officer Darren Wilson to the White House.

Rumor has it that Giuliani is considering another Presidential run in 2016. I won’t support him for obvious reasons, but I’ll admit I’m inclined to be less hard on him.

8 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani Getting Ferguson Right

  1. redphillips Post author

    I thought about putting this in the main post, but held off. But it is the kind of observation I think Hawthorne would appreciate. I suspect it is likely because Giuliani is an ethnic Italian rather than a generic American white, that he 1.) has the gonads to speak out against the groupthink and 2.) why he has enough sense of ethnic pride to realize that this whole scenario has been one big exercise in let’s hate on evil whitey and excuse bad behavior among blacks. It is probably not a coincidence that Peter King is a partisan ethnic Irishman either. My fellow generic American whites are resisting the narrative to some degree, but less overtly so.


  2. weavercht

    Tom Tancredo comes to mind as well. Jim Traficant was Italian and Slovak, according to Wiki.

    Anglo-centred Americans are wimps in this day – bunch of limp-wristed classical liberals.

    I’m… old-stock Anglo-American ofc.


  3. hawthornecht


    I was going to do a post on Ferguson, and all the wrong paleo lessons, and this is sort of part of it. The idea I was playing with was that its impossible to police (civil service) a multi-racial town. Asian store owner gets robbed by black teenager who then gets killed by white civil service police officer. That isn’t going to work in any scenario. The Asians cannot risk turning on the blacks because they won’t get the protection, and the white police officer simply cannot win. This should result, as we see in the urban ghetto system, of the civil service refusing (quietly) to police such neighborhoods outside escorting EMTs which does make money off responding to incidents in the ghettos.

    Guiliani (and other mayors) deal with the problem by giving, via Affirmative Action on civil service exams, civil service jobs to minorities to “police” their own…(and in Guiliani’s case, he made clear that the police would actually have to go into these neighborhoods rather than sit in their car for 8 hours in parking lot for fear that they would get the Wilson treatment if anything went wrong. In turn, Guiliani–and the general political class- are lax on police brutality because if they get strong on it, the police won’t police, and go back to the parking lots–which is what will happen in Ferguson.


  4. redphillips Post author

    Great minds think alike Hawthorne. I have a post pending that makes some of these exact points. You are right that in some communities the police simply let certain neighborhoods take care of themselves. The problem Rudy had was that Harlem is right next door to some high priced real estate. Sailer recently made the point that the way Rudy solved his crime problem was by getting cops out of the diners and doughnut shops, but with this comes a culture of cops who take care of their own. This is a natural order that arises. The advantage paleos have is that we understand the distinction between is and ought, although I still struggle at times with that (emotionally more than intellectually). But some of the people I have been debating with on Facebook are either too dim or too ideologically hidebound to get it.


  5. hawthornecht

    LOL, Red. I just wrote my post up–you tell me if you want me to show my cards first. Setting paleo’s aside for a moment–they should be focused on the bad training Wilson received, the point is that we–the dissident Right–can look at the meta, as to what is happening as it relates to the observations we make of the impossible “liberal” order (sic.).


  6. roho

    Guiliani has NO credibility with me…………..He is part of the Houston Political Machine that organized 911…………….Nothing he says is relevant.



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