Richard Spencer vs. Randy Scheunemann, an Update

There has been some new developments in the case of Richard Spencer, Randy Scheunemann and the private ski club to which they both belonged. This story has been around for a while. I’m pretty sure we covered it before. Probably on the pre-crash site. I’m pretty sure that Spencer has given his side before. I won’t recap it here because Spencer re-tells the story at length in this new post at Radix Journal.

What has changed since this situation first came up, is that a group has formed in Montana to protest the presence of Richard Spencer in their community, a development we covered here. How they got wind of this and why the situation came to a head a bit after the story first broke, I don’t know. The outcome of the original story was that Scheunemann had quit the private ski club in protest, and Spencer remained on as a member. The new development is that Spencer has now resigned from the ski club as well. As with a lot of resignations, one could be excused for assuming there might be more to the story. (Chuck Hagel anyone?) Was Spencer asked to leave? Was it made known to him that life at the club would be unpleasant for him if he remained?

The Big Mountain Club has responded to the situation. While the club’s response confirms in some respects Spencer’s side of the story and confirms that Scheunemann was, shall we say, misremembering events, it is otherwise craven PC a** kissing. They say they “applaud and support” the efforts of the PC thought enforcers Love Lives Here.

From the Whitefish Pilot story:

The resort says the Big Mountain Club is not a political organization and will remain that way.

“That being the case, we won’t tolerate hate or inappropriate conduct,” the resort notes.

“Any suggestion that the Big Mountain Club has sided with a white supremacist in this matter is false, defamatory and contrary to what the Big Mountain Club and Whitefish Mountain Resort stand for.”

The resort says it stands behind the local group Love Lives Here in the Flathead Valley, which organized a rally Nov. 17 to ask Whitefish City Council to pass a “no hate” ordinance.

“Indeed it is the individuals of the community who can and should have the most impactful voice on a topic of this nature and Whitefish Mountain Resort and the Big Mountain Club appreciate, applaud and support their efforts to highlight the amount of love and tolerance in our community.”

In other words, the club supports the efforts of a Soros funded (thanks to Hawthorne for this intel) group intended to stamp out dissent and make us all good little PC thought slaves. I’ll concede that the club has an interest in not having itself in the headlines on a story like this, but to openly embrace the Cultural Marxist jihadists is cowardly and pathetic and was unnecessary. They could have easily washed their hands of the incident without cutting off their intellectual balls and handing them to Love Lives Here.

Their contact page is here. I encourage everyone reading this to contact them and call them out for their cowardly PC cave in.

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